How to Obtain Forex Broker License for BVI?

Forex Broker License for BVI

The British Virgin Islands is a tested platform for companies that offer financial services. It is a part of the traditional Offshore Forex trading platforms, including Belize and Seychelles. 

The British Virgin Islands Financial Service Commission oversees all financial services (BVI FSC) and is regulated, supervised, and inspected, according to the BVI FSC.

A few of the services that the BVI FSC provide are - 

  • Registering businesses
  • Limited partnerships 
  • Intellectual property
  • Ships, and Insurance. 

By providing Securities and Investment Licenses, the BVI FSC grants corporations licenses and authorisations that allow them to run financial sector businesses. 

In addition, the costs associated with securities brokerage or forex authorisations are relatively cheap.

Let us dig deep into obtaining a forex broker license in BVI.

The Main Characteristic of a BVI Forex Broker License

The BVI FSC forex license application process is lengthy, expensive, and complicated. 

Many companies hire professionals to assist them with the regulatory requirements. Read the characteristics given below -

  • The initial minimum capital requirement is $1,000,000
  • The FSC must approve the management and directors.
  • A BVI offshore company formation is required to apply for the license. 
  • To manage a financial corporation, at least two people must possess the necessary professional knowledge, experience, and abilities.
  • A growing number of easy Forex brokers seeking regulation are focusing on obtaining licenses in the British Virgin Islands. 
  • The BVI FSC has earned a reputation as a top financial services industry regulator on a global scale.

Information about the BVI Financial Service Commission

  1. The British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission is answerable for all financial administrations inside the British Virgin Islands, including investment, banking, insurance, and insolvency administration. 
  2. The BVI FSC is responsible for 
  • Management,
  • Company development,
  • Intellectual property in the British Virgin Islands.
  • Issuing the BVI broker licenses for use only in the BVI forex industry only.
  1. The BVI Financial Services Commission, in 2010, framed and merged the Securities and Investment Business Act of 2010 into law.
  2. The BVI FSC recently assessed a set of rules and guidelines for forex brokers and other investment business firms to comply with that are independent of past acts. 
  3. The new demonstration has brought all finances up to the right degree of guidelines for all investment businesses.
  4. Currently,  all BVI broker licenses are handled by the BVI FSC.

Icing over the cake would be an offshore company registration and opening an offshore bank account simultaneously for the forex trading activity. 

How Do You Start an Offshore Forex Trading Company? 

Before diving into the procedure of an offshore Forex Trading Company, understand the benefits of Forex Trading Company. Read below to learn more about offshore forex trading companies. -

Flexibility in fundamental requirements of a licensee under the Securities Investment Business Act (SIBA) is as mentioned below:

  • A minimum of two directors is required  (no nationality limitations).
  • Appoint an auditor.
  • Keep sufficient capital assets to operate your business. There is no minimum mentioned in SIBA.
  • Keeping up the Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) or giving a detailed self-exemption to PII.

The existing norm is that a licensee must appoint a compliance officer. Although the Financial Services Regulations (2010) excluded certain licensees from the commitment to establish a compliance officer given:

  • The licensee doesn't have a physical presence in the British Virgin Islands, and
  • It is either directed in the jurisdiction where its business is operated or is part of a group of companies dependent upon regulatory supervision.

The practical forms you have to record as a component of the application are as follows:

General Part- This is an objective(tick) style form wherein you select the most appropriate option for the required license.

Part 1- In this form, you must highlight the details of

  • The candidate applying for the license,
  • The key parties, 
  • Your involvement with the business,
  • Compliance systems, 
  • Financial assets,
  • Business strategy, 
  • Fitness, ownership, and so on.

Part 2- Address the candidate's place of business and the approved representative's details.

Part 3- This form isn't necessary but is usable for any extra data you wish to submit with the company's license application.

Part 4- A statement that all facts about the candidate's information are accurate and precise.

Form B1- This is an application form to endorse external auditors.

Form A- Application for endorsement of Directors, Compliance Officers, and Senior Officers. All of the names mentioned above should provide -

  • An affirmed copy of their passport
  • Financial, professional, and individual references
  • An individual statement as to suitability for the job and
  • A CV and confirmed copies of qualifications

How Can We Help?

You need to appreciate the benefits of an offshore financial company that can offer you legally. In the quest for the same, you frequently need assistance from individuals with profound information on rules and guidelines concerning offshore business operations. 

Having experiences with traders at Business Setup Worldwide, we can help you choose the most appropriate jurisdiction. Contact us today and drop each of your inquiries! We can help you out with the necessary information.


What is the forex broker license fee in BVI?

Generally speaking, there is an application expense of US$1,000 per class and a progressing yearly charge of $1,500 per class/subclass.

How many days does it take to obtain a BVI forex broker license?

3 to 5 months.

Is a BVI local office mandatory to get a forex broker license?

Yes, a regional office is required.

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