How to Obtain a Gaming License for an Offshore Company?

Gaming License for an Offshore Company

Gambling business is a specific niche area that is not recommended in all provinces and thus, in order not to disrupt the domestic law and be able to manage a legal business, it is necessary to have a license that grants approval from an appropriate jurisdiction, a jurisdiction that is better for online casinos. Each country has its prerequisites, along with the price of the license. Offshore Gaming Licenses are in many jurisdictions like Comoros, Curacao, and Costa Rica.

One of the most beneficial and consistent opportunities currently is in Curacao, where you can get a gaming license for an online casino remotely. Online gaming is an authorized and tax-free offshore monetary activity in the three C’s of online gambling: Comoros, Costa Rica, and Curacao, with the contracting company in Cyprus.

On condition that evidently, the e-gaming company has a currently viable offshore gambling or gaming license. Online betting and gaming licenses for offshore casinos, sportsbooks, and online wagers can be set up within a few weeks.

Still, in some cases, the registration paperwork for a gambling license can take up to a year.

Afore launching any gaming business online, you need to obtain an apt gaming license. Such gambling license is obligatory for any gambling activity, containing games with bets or luck: casino, slots, poker, roulette, lottery, and sports betting, to name a few.

Gaming Licensing is a significant step in the course of starting a licensed online casino operation with even are as follows:

  • Registration of the Company (physical address of the company, local director): EUR 7,900
  • Attainment of an Online Casino Gambling License: EUR 9,000
  • Registration of the dominion: EUR 10+ subject to the domain name and the domain zone
  • Professional Consultation and Support: FREE

Follow the guide to learn about setting up an offshore company as well as opening an offshore bank account to enjoy the benefits.

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Advantages of Gaming License

Gambling companies with an authorized license for providing gambling services to folks can procure legal software from prominent software companies. This renders reliable payment methods in many currencies and forms, and initiate trusted relationships with the players who will subsequently know their outflows. Thus, winnings are secure and guaranteed.

Achievement of an offshore gaming license is valuable to the gaming business as it showcases to the world the company’s:

  • Financial strength
  • Security & reliability
  • Permits support from the best providers of software, banking, card processing, and many others internationally
  • Players’ reliance

Who controls gambling in a country?

Each jurisdiction or country has its own governing course of actions and laws related to gambling supervised under the so-called Gaming Control Board. Gaming control boards come under various names and can be denoted as gambling commissions, associations, committees, etc.

There are few persistent rules and regulations that need to be followed to get a license. The most determined rules need to be abiding by inform gambling sites to run a Responsible Gaming policy that thwarts gambling obsession, clearly displays the logo of obtained licenses, and issue an RNG certification stamp that guarantees consistency and fairness results of games.

How to obtain a casino license?

To obtain a casino license, you need to get well-versed about domestic gambling laws in the country where the company will run a legal gambling business. The complete process can be simplified with some assistance from experts in the field.

One such specimen is Gaming Licensing that can tell more about the cost of licenses, the paperwork needed for registration, and the licensing process variation.

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Types of Gaming Licenses

Comoros Islands Offshore Gaming Licenses

Online gaming is a legalized and tax-free offshore financial business in the Comoros Islands if the e-gaming company has a current legal gambling license. Online betting and gaming licenses for offshore casinos, sportsbooks, and online wagers are allotted in the Union of Comoros by both the Moheli and Anjouan jurisdictions.

Comoros is one of the unpopular jurisdictions for Offshore Gaming Licenses but deals with more elasticity than many popular countries like Curacao or Malta in many respects, with fewer authorities and sooner launch time. Obtaining a Comoros gaming license is a quick and straightforward method.

The straight admittance of the decision-making channels that the exclusive Registered Agents in the Comoros and authorization can be granted quickly if the basic requirements are met.

The only restriction in this location is that gaming licenses are granted only to locally-registered companies, and the primary step in the process is to establish a local IBC. This usually takes only 1-2 days, so the license application is generally filed simultaneously as registering the IBC.

Costa Rica Companies for Offshore Online Gaming Licenses

The most straightforward and most lucrative jurisdiction to run a gaming platform or licensed online gaming company in Costa Rica. Costa Rica’s accomplishment in this field is grounded on a long track record in Costa Rica to offer online gaming companies services.

This small, peaceful, and friendly Central American country has positioned online gambling combined with tourism as its central dynamo of foreign income. There is a significant reliance on experienced lawyers and staff.

The Costa Rican government has a long history of embracing offshore gaming companies that fetch valuable employment and support, developing the already outstanding telecommunications infrastructure. This place is mainly known for Online Sportsbooks and Online Casinos.

Government services in Costa Rica are moderately slow, and it can take 1-2 months to establish a new company and up to 6 months to get the license approval. However, it is subject to apt due diligence checks and business plans, usually with ready-made licensed companies.

Curacao Offshore Gaming Licenses

Curaçao legislation sanctions for two types of gambling licenses, i.e., Master license and Sub-license. Although both enfold gaming operators and permit the same crucial rights for e-gaming businesses, there is a small line of distinction between the two by attaining a Master license, which allows an operator to offer sublicenses. Still, a sub-license holder is incapable of providing sub-licenses.

The supervisory body in the custody of handling the Curacao Gaming Commission is known as the Curacao Internet Gaming Association (CIGA), established in 2001. CIGA regulates roughly 30 online gaming operators, and as a member of the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC), it is confined by its code of conduct.

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