How to Open an Anonymous Company in Seychelles?

How to Open an Anonymous Company in Seychelles?

Seychelles has proven to be one of the most popular offshore destinations in the past few years. This is mainly because of its high-end privacy, reasonable filing of tax, and minimal compliance obligations. Also, a Seychelles offshore company formation helps business owners protect their assets and wealth in all possible ways.

This guide will help you by giving a detailed description of discovering an anonymous company that enables you to do business with the best benefits.

What is an Anonymous Company?

An anonymous company is a legal business structure that gets registered and is not subjected to financial reports or file accounts.

For instance, when the company wants to keep its information away from the public and financial reports, it chooses an anonymous company registration. In that case, a business person doesn't need to supply his identity, but he can have all the advantages of a regular corporation.

Who Opens a Seychelles Anonymous Company?

Business professionals choosing to protect their company's name and assets choose an anonymous company in Seychelles. As an alternative, businesses in the trade industry, real estate planning, and financial management employ business minds. An anonymous company is not identified since its owners are not publicly known to people.

The Process to Start an Anonymous Company in Seychelles.

An anonymous company in Seychelles can be registered by following the below steps:

1. Choose a Business Expert

Search for an offshore business consultant with experience in the offshore working model. The business consultant would provide details about the Seychelles offshore company incorporation. Moreover, know about the core reasons to hire an offshore business consultant.

2. Discuss the Business Needs

After choosing, the business expert conveys the complete details so both parties can understand the business needs and map feasible solutions.

3. Do the Essential Paperwork

Make sure to submit the business papers that are necessary for document verification, which include the following:

  • A duly filled application form
  • Well-drafted business plan
  • Memorandum of association
  • Articles of association
  • Identity and address proof of the investors and business shareholders

4. Submit for Primary Approvals

After submitting the documents, wait for further approvals from the government authority. They will review these documents and will give you the primary approval. 

5. Apply for Nominee Director Services

Once you receive the approval, opt for the nominee director services that seal the information much better by adding an extra layer of protection.

Although there are plenty of reasons to create anonymous companies for private use, there are also risks to keep in mind. Therefore, potential users should exercise caution when considering these risks and relevant laws in their jurisdiction. To avoid such issues, you can deal with the entire process with the assistance of Business Setup Worldwide.

Why Choose Us

Business Setup Worldwide lets you establish business entities easily by delivering personalized solutions at a reasonable cost. Our business consultants are well-versed in the whole proceedings and can help you incorporate your business in a hassle-free manner.

Therefore, to start your anonymous company in Seychelles, feel free to consult with our professional experts. Contact us today- we'd be glad to assist!


How much does it charge to start an offshore company in Seychelles?

The offshore company formation cost starts from $650.

How many days does it take to start an offshore company in Seychelles?

It takes around 2-3 working days to start an offshore company in Seychelles.

How many minimum numbers of shareholders are required for Seychelles offshore company?

The minimum number of shareholders needed for Seychelles offshore company is one.

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