How to Open a Branch Office in Saudi Arabia?

The prosperous and open venture and financial environment of Saudi Arabia have brought about a colossal ascent in foreign speculations. Investors would prefer not to pass up on the business improvement openings. Subsequently, they perform due constancy to ensure that they structure the right sort of element to structure their interest in a way that suits them best to their destinations and is additionally practical.

A foreign investor can consider the accompanying choices: setting up a restricted risk organization or a business entity. However, for this decision, there are numerous elements like the proposed number of investors, the administrative structure, and the proposed exercises/assignments of the organization. Another factor to be considered is to incorporate Saudi value investment for exercises, such as import, send out, advancement, promoting, and offer of items or administrations.

Notwithstanding, there are situations when opening a branch office would be the best possible feasible arrangement if you are planning to set up a business in Saudi Arabia.

Details of a Branch Office

The Companies Regulations and the Foreign Investment Regulations grant a foreign organization to set up a branch in Saudi Arabia, subject to endorsement by SAGIA. To get a permit to shape a branch, a foreign organization should present an application to SAGIA. In any case, branches of organizations entirely possessed by GCC nationals require the Ministry of Commerce and Investment endorsement.

The arrangement cycle is by and large as that of a restricted responsibility organization. Aside from that, there are no Articles of Association to be supported. Be that as it may, the Minister of Commerce and Investment, under the Companies Regulations, should choose to support the development of the branch.

The capital prerequisites are equivalent to that of a restricted obligation organization and ward on what sort of movement the proposed branch will attempt. Likewise, like a restricted risk organization, (10%) of the net benefits of the branch should be saved as a legal save until such hold approaches (30%) of the first capital of the organization.

Foreign organizations may enrol an entirely foreign-claimed Saudi branch office, given that they acquire the essential permit. The branch office may participate in business activities inside the extent of its permit. Like in many nations, the parent organization will accept full obligation for all actions embraced by the branch office.

Albeit not a privately fused substance, a foreign organization branch in Saudi Arabia is needed to store a sum identical to the capital needed for auxiliaries with a neighbourhood bank. The sum is then hindered until issuance of the testament of enlistment for the branch by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. A base capital of 500,000 SAR is required.

Branch office enrolment follows a similar general method as the enlistment of an auxiliary; then again, there are no Articles of Association to be supported.

Types of Branch Offices in Saudi Arabia

There are two types of branch offices that an investor can opt to open in Saudi Arabia:

1.Technical Scientific Services Office (TSSO)

A TSSO is viewed as when there is an enlisted business office dissemination arrangement done between two gatherings – a foreign assembling organization and an enrolled merchant who is a Saudi public and is managing in the nearby business sectors.


  • It is just utilized in the event of complex items
  • Helps the enlisted merchant in KSA with errands like showcasing and client relations
  • Ought not to sell items or get into income creating exercises
  • Needn't bother with any capitalization
  • It necessitates that the current dispersion understanding is enlisted with the Commercial Agencies Department of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

2.Temporary Commercial Registration (TCR)

TCR isn't really and rigorously a branch office and is dependable to adjust to a KSA government agreement or semi-government organization. However, the foreign venture permit is normally given much more rapidly for this situation when contrasted with an ordinary organization branch office.

To open or join a branch office in Saudi Arabia, one must follow every one of the guidelines and rules set by the Foreign Investment Law. However, a foreign investor who is applying for enlisting a branch office in Saudi could get the authorization to do the equivalent just for some particular exercises, as the branch office is banned for certain tasks, such as exchanging activities.

Investors keen on opening a branch office in Saudi ought to know that the branch office is otherwise called a perpetual branch, and the business substance can be set up without a neighbourhood or Saudi accomplice.

Procedure for Opening a Branch office

The most important prerequisite while setting up a branch office in Saudi Arabia is that the foreign venture or investor ought to fulfil the particular necessities like giving a base offer capital of SAR 500,000. This capital necessity could even increment contingent upon the particular exercises that the business performs.

The foreign undertaking or substance ought to get a permit given by the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA).

The archives to be put together by the parent organization while applying for setting up a branch office in Saudi are as per the following:

  • A duplicate of the certificate of incorporation;
  • A duplicate of the articles of association and memorandum of the parent organization;
  • A power of attorney, which the Saudi office must confirm;
  • The necessary expense ought to have been paid.

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