How to Open a Subsidiary in Seychelles?

 Subsidiary in Seychelles

Regarded as the paradise on earth, Seychelles is an emerging offshore destination that is widely accepted by the business investors. Offshore company incorporation has been one of the booming investment destinations, and Seychelles presents an excellent business ground for it. Understanding the growth and importance of tax-havens and the increasing demand of the offshore industry, the Seychelles government has transformed the location as one of the suitable offshore destinations. The zone allows investors to start with a subsidiary company, which is another form of offshore investment.

This article deals with the relevant proceedings that one needs to go to incorporate a subsidiary in Seychelles, one of the most popular tax havens in the world. Let’s get started.

Offshore Company in Seychelles

Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands, located in the South-Western Indian Ocean, holds a firm ground when it comes to the establishment of an offshore company. The incorporation of an offshore establishment in the zone can be conducted in two possible ways:

Subsidiary Company in Seychelles

According to the Subsidiary Laws in Seychelles, an LLC can be started with a minimum paid-up capital of $1. However, the following conditions are to b met accordingly:

  • Two shareholders can be corporations or non-residents
  • Two individual resident directors
  • One resident company secretary

It turns out to be of utmost importance for a Seychelles company to follow the stated rules.

What is the Process of Opening a Subsidiary Company in Seychelles?

When it comes to the incorporation of a Subsidiary company in Seychelles, it can be done by taking multiple forms like offshore, Limited Liability Company (LLC), Special License Company (SLC), or even a branch company. Coming to the execution, each process differs accordingly. Now, to incorporate a subsidiary company as an LLC in Seychelles, one has to go through the following process.

Subsidiary Company Process in Seychelles

  1. File the information related to the parent company
  2. The Certificate of Incorporation needs to be filled with the company register
  3. The Memorandum and Articles of Association are to be drafted
  4. Relevant information regarding the subsidiary’s directors and shareholders are to be presented
  5. Pay the relevant registration fees
  6. Proceed with an offshore bank account

Advantages of Opening a Subsidiary Company in Seychelles

Most of the business owners prefer to proceed ahead with the establishment of a subsidiary company in Seychelles due to the following reasons:

  • Low minimum capital requirement for the establishment
  • Easy and safe management
  • No compulsion of holding the annual meeting in Seychelles
  • No tax requirements or audit process
  • Holds a favorable business climate

The points mentioned above are the favorable parameters that drive the global investors to proceed ahead and start an offshore company in Seychelles. These attributes have regarded the zone as a tax-haven. To know more about the same in-depth, read our latest guide on “Why Seychelles Offshore is a Tax Haven?

Thus, by now, you have got a clear idea regarding the establishment of a subsidiary company in the region of Seychelles. While proceeding towards the incorporation process, it is to be noted that that the process involves legal tasks that need to be performed in an error-free way. One of the smart moves is to proceed with certified business experts who can assist in the complete process.

At Business Setup Worldwide, we take the necessary steps of helping our esteemed clients to set up their offshore company. With a team of experts, we are dedicated to providing the best offshore company setup solutions by providing tailored solutions. If you are planning to establish your subsidiary unit in Seychelles, then feel free to have a word with our business experts. Contact us today-we’d be glad to assist.

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