How to Open a Virtual Office in Seychelles?

The concept of virtual office has been one of the most widely opted facilities prevailing around the world. Business investors, high-end-individuals find the idea of the virtual establishment to be one of the most profitable and advantageous options. Seychelles, one of the most profitable offshore destinations, has adopted this concept to help the entrepreneur who wants to set up an offshore company in the region.

If you are looking forward to establishing an offshore company in a hassle-free way without the intervention of renting or buying an office space, then this is the perfect option for you. This guide highlights the essentials that one should be aware of starting a virtual office in Seychelles.

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office can be defined as a flexible workspace that provides a defined combination of office spaces and other facilities to the business owners to operate their business transactions. Being a cost-effective business establishment option, it is widely accepted by global investors. Some of the characteristics of a virtual office involve the following:

  • Low set-up cost
  • Can be handled remotely
  • Business operations can be performed 24x7

Why Choose a Virtual Office in Seychelles?

Seychelles holds a prestigious ground when it comes to the offshore business establishment. Some of the core reasons that make Seychelles as a favorable business ground are as follows:

  • Seychelles is a recognized offshore business centre
  • Complete tax-exemption
  • Flexibility to hold an offshore bank account
  • High-end confidentiality
  • High-end corporate flexibility
  • Minimum reporting requirements
  • Simplicity of management

Concerning the above benefits stated, here’s a guide on “Why Seychelles Offshore is a Tax Haven?” which will help you to understand the advantages transparently.

How to Start a Virtual Office in Seychelles?

The process of starting a virtual office in Seychelles involves a series of steps that include the following:

Virtual Office in Seychelles

  1. Choose a professional business consultant: It is preferred to proceed ahead with certified business experts. Certified professionals like Business Setup Worldwide can help you to deal with the process smoothly.
  2. Assigning of an advisor: Once you approach or team, an advisor will be assigned accordingly who will take care of the required essentials.
  3. Submission of documents: When it comes to documentation, it is to be noted that the documents of a shelf company are not certified by any Notary or legalized by Apostille.

The documents mentioned above need to be handed over to the assigned business advisor.

  1. Approval and incorporation:  Once submitted, the documents undergo the verification process.
  2. Registration: After the documents have been verified, the registration of the same takes place in the Registrar of Companies.
  3. Bank Account: Once verified and approved, you can proceed with the bank account process. To know more, you can read our latest guide on the advantages of offshore banking.

Incorporating a business entity with the help of experts smoothens the process as time and resources get utilized effectively.

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