How to Register an Offshore Company in Cyprus?

How to Register an Offshore Company in Cyprus?

If you need to register a company in Cyprus, this jurisdiction has risen as a well-known spot for individuals looking to incorporate it. Numerous business owners favour Cyprus company registration as a result of its history as a former British Colony, which means a significant part of the populace communicates in English. Along these lines, it is moderately simple to lead the business as well as incorporate it inside the jurisdiction. Also, its legal structure was framed on the familiar English Common Law. The familiar legal basis, in addition to Cyprus's improving economy, has made way for many financial advantages for worldwide business individuals deciding to incorporate and register here.

Cyprus offers such vast numbers of advantages to companies, including tax benefits, financial opportunity, and a well-connected economy, that its incorporation status has elevated exponentially over the past decade. Every year, the number of business proprietors choosing to incorporate and register in the nation substantially increases as the tax and business opportunities gave to business visionaries incorporating in the jurisdiction have pulled in numerous new business proprietors.

Conditions for Incorporating an Offshore Company in Cyprus

To open an offshore company in Cyprus, an outside company must consent to certain conditions. There are no specific necessities for investors and directors of any nationality or residence. If anonymity is desired, it very well may be acquired by utilizing nominee shareholders, yet the Central Bank must be educated who the gainful proprietors are.

The term offshore company is only occasionally utilized these days, as it has been supplanted by International Business Company or just IBC. It is helpful to realize that both nearby and remote investors can open offshore companies in Cyprus, no matter if they are ordinary people or if they are organized as corporations.

The conditions mentioned below must be met to register an IBC company in Cyprus:

  • The business proprietors must settle on a trading name that must be saved with the Trade Register.
  • The company will be incorporated as per its legal documents, which must be authorized.
  • The base number of shareholders in a Cyprus offshore company is one, while the most extreme number is 50.
  • The base offer capital required for opening this sort of company is 1 euro. In any case, the company can have the capital desired by the shareholders.
  • Even if its operations are carried outside the Cypriot borders, the offshore company must have a valid location in this nation.

The Process to Register an Offshore Company in Cyprus

To get a company registered in Cyprus, the following steps need to be carried out:

1)Reserving the company name

Checking to guarantee the company's name is unique and acquiring approval for that name through the Registrar of Companies(3 different names should be submitted for approval to ensure its uniqueness).

2)Preparation of incorporation documents

Next, your agent needs to set up the company's memorandum and articles of association. To guarantee that this progression is done both lawfully and accurately, the business should search out a master who likewise drafts the prepared documents, i.e., by a Cypriot lawyer.

3)Banking procedure

Opening of a corporate bank account and deposition of the share capital.

4)Submission of required documents

The incorporation documents have to be submitted with the Cyprus Trade Register.

The Trade Register in Cyprus falls under the organization of the 'Cyprus Department of Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver.' The job of the division is to perform registration of companies, organizations, business names, trademarks, and keep proof of the business establishments in Cyprus.

The following documents, attested by an enlisted legal counsellor/advocate in the Republic of Cyprus, are required to be submitted:

  • Declaration form (ΗΕ1, a sworn proclamation of the attorney and signature from the Registrar of the District Court)
  • Form that refers to the registered office address (HE2)
  • Details of the directors and secretary (HE3)
  • List of people who agree to go about as directors, in case of a public company (HE5)
  • Original Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • One-Stop-Shop application cover for enrolment of legal entities

5)Receiving the certificate of incorporation

When these documents are submitted and registered, and all charges are paid, the company gets the final certificate of incorporation. The corporation would then be able to get other necessary legal copies and certificates upon request.

6)Registration for tax and VAT

After the company gets its certificate of incorporation, it then needs to enrol at the Tax Department for Tax and VAT benefits with the goal that the corporation has a Tax Identification Number.

The following documents must be presented by the company:

  • Form 162 for registration as a taxpayer and getting a Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Form 101 for registration for VAT (done once the company arrives at VAT limit or by wilful registration)


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