How to Register a Trademark in Dubai

Trademarks are legally protected intellectual property rights. A trademark is a distinctive sign, word, logo, or numerous words or logos that have been legally registered or recognized as representing a company or a product's brand. A trademark protects logos and brand names used on both services and products.

Therefore it holds immense importance to legally mark your brand. So if you want to know more about trademark registration go on and read more about it in the blog. 

What is Trademark?

According to Federal Decree-Law No. 36 of 2021, a trademark is a sign, a word, or a set of words representing a business or a product. No other company may replicate it or use it for its intended purpose without prior permission since it is legally registered. The mark's recognition aids in identifying the goods or services of its rivals. The Ministry of Economy is in charge of overseeing all trademark registrations in the UAE.

In addition, a trademark's voice is regarded to be a component of it.

Who is Eligible to Register Trademark in Dubai?

The following individuals are eligible to register their trademarks under Federal Law No. 37 of 1992 on Trademarks, as modified (Arabic):

  • Citizens of the United Arab Emirates and natural and artificial individuals engaged in any commercial, industrial, professional, or service activity 
  • Foreigners and natural and artificial persons involved in any commercial, industrial, professional, or service activity
  • Based on reciprocity, foreigners and natural and artificial people may engage in any nation's commercial, industrial, professional, or service business.
  • Other fabricated people

Process for Trademark Registration in Dubai

So if you are doing business in Dubai relating to intellectual property, you need to register the trademark since it falls under the intellectual property trademark registration services in the UAE. Want to know about the process? Read this section to understand how to register a trademark in Dubai:

1. Check for Current Trademarks

Before registering a trademark, the first step is to do a UAE trademark search to determine whether or not the desired brand is already in use. You cannot utilize the trademark if it is discovered to be used by another business entity. Therefore, registering a trademark begins when the proper trademark has been chosen.

2. Complete the Application

You must first download the application and then fill it out to register a trademark. The form is available for download on their e-services website. The UAE Ministry of Economy will accept conditions for trademark registration.

3. Make a Payment of the Required Amount

After you've gathered all of the appropriate paperwork, you'll have to pay a trademark registration charge. This payment may be made using the Ministry of Economy's e-services portal. The overall cost of trademark registration in the UAE is roughly $10,437. You may have to pay additional legal fees or a translation cost.

4. The Ministry's Assessment

After you've paid your payment, the Ministry of Economy will review your application. Your trademark application will be rejected if there is an issue, such as a preliminary inquiry or an incorrect response. If your application is turned down, you have the option to appeal and then make the required revisions. If your application is complete and error-free, you will obtain trademark clearance within 30 days.

5. Newspaper Publication

The Ministry will publish the document in two national newspapers when you have approved it. It should be emphasized that the applicant will be responsible for publishing the notification in the two publications. Anyone who has a problem with the trademark can file a complaint within thirty days of the application being published.

6. Completion of Registration

If no opposition to the trademark is filed within the prescribed period, the Ministry of Economic Affairs will issue you a registration certificate. This would include the registration number, date of application, business name and owner's name, trademark, and a description of your product, products, and services that fall under it.

Documents Needed for Trademark Registration

The documents required for trademark registration in Dubai are as follows:

  • A Sample of Trademark Design
  • A sample of a trademark design ID or passport of the person who will sign the application
  • List of Goods and Services to be Protected
  • Power of Attorney 
  • Trading License 
  • Contact Details and Passport of the Applicant

Our Role

The method outlined above may appear straightforward, yet even a single blunder during the application process might result in the trademark being rejected. As a result, it would be advantageous to employ a service that would guarantee that your application has all the necessary information. 

Consultants at Business Setup Worldwide can assist you if you seek such a service. By delivering unique solutions for your company, we will care for all of your concerns. If you have any questions about our services, please contact us; we'll be pleased to assist you.


1. What is the cost of trademark registration in Dubai?

AED 15000.

2. What is the penalty amount for copyright infringement in the UAE?

No more than AED 500,000.

3. How long will the trademark be valid in Dubai?

Ten years.

4. What is the penalty amount for the trademark infringement?

Fine of not less than AED 5000.

5. Which department does handle the trademark issue in the UAE?

Ministry of Economy and Commerce.

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