How to Register a Trademark in Greece

Greece is a member of the European Union (EU) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

In layman terms, a trademark is a symbol, logo, or words legally registered to represent a company, brand or product. It is a form or sign which differentiates a product, brand or service of one business entity from those of other business entities. Additionally, a minimalistic mark, sound or smell can be considered as a trademark post registration. A registered trademark gives the owner the right to use it and bars others from doing so. Violation of a trademark can face a lawsuit in the court of law.

The trademark owner is usually an owner, business organisation or any legal entity. It usually is located on a package, a voucher or a label or sometimes on the product itself, and companies use those to display on their buildings for identification and the registered Trademark in Greece are initially valid for 10years, it starts the day after the application.

Why is it Necessary to Register a Trademark in Greece?

Successful registration of a Trademark helps you protect your idea, invention, and creativity that you have contributed to the human kind also when it comes to business the company needs to understand people are influenced through the way brand represent them too, and it will help you to grow your business under a single mark.

Pre-Investigation before Registration

This needs to be figured out first to avoid any future collision later in the procedure of registration.

You need to cross verify your mark and see if there is an availability of the identical trademark for some different products or services or by a person.

It is usually done with the help of a lawyer.

Documents You Need to Submit Before Registration of a Trademark

There are five steps you need to follow to get your Trademark registered:

Step1: You need to fill the Trademark Registration application which includes your full name, address, fax number, and email address.

Step2: A representation of the mark which you are going to register needs to be submitted.

Step3: The paper needs to be signed by the specified power of attorney which also needs to be approved by the company's lawful representative with the company's stamp.

Step4: In case the owner of the Trademark's owner is abroad (foreign Trademark) a power of attorney needs to state that he/she is subject to the jurisdiction of the court of Athens if there are any future disputes regarding the Trademark.

Step5: Wait for the approval, if no objections arise it gets confirmed in 5months.

By following these particular, you will get your Trademark Registered in Greece.

Thus, if you are planning to set up a business in Greece, it is also essential to get your Trademark registered because that is how your customers will recognise your company and brand. This will also help you get a shield to your invention from your competitors and any malpractice.

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Is registration of trade marks compulsory in Greece?

Yes, trademark registration is mandatory to be granted rights over a trademark.

Can I open a company in Greece?

Yes, a foreigner has the right to start a firm in Greece.

Who will decide on the opposition to your trade mark in Greece?

The Administrative Trademark Committee will decide if someone opposes your trade mark.

Can I file a request to cancel someone else’s trade mark?


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