How to Register a Trademark in Switzerland?

How to Register a trademark in Switzerland

Local and foreign residents seeking to have their intellectual property innovations shielded can do that by registering their rights in Switzerland. One of the most popular procedures in Switzerland is trademark registration, particularly for creative businesses that rely on the distinctiveness of the goods or services they provide.

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Switzerland- A Ground for Business Investors

Switzerland is one of the most prominent places for foreign investors to keep their money in a stable economy. Moreover, it offers a welcoming economic environment for entrepreneurs to establish their businesses. It is one of the expanding tax haven jurisdictions that has made attractive business prospects available to investors and entrepreneurs who want to start their company units.

However, depending on the jurisdiction demands, the business investors get their trademarks registered for the business's safety and security and to prevent the creations from the competitors available in the market.

A glance at Swiss trademark Register

To register a brand in Switzerland, one must be sure that the required logo or slogan is creative and different from those of the market's competitors.

However, the following factors should be considered while making a decision:

Descriptive words directly connected to the products or services marketed can't be used but can be used for a field not connected to the meaning of the words.

A common word can be used as a trading name until or unless the business owners use their name along with the existing name.

Note: Registering a trademark in Switzerland requires less time than in other offshore countries.

Benefits of Trademark Registration in Switzerland?

The benefits listed below result from moving through with the trademark registration in Switzerland:

  • Restricts the use of your brand by others
  • Oppose subsequent conflicting applications
  • Sue everyone who engages in violation.
  • Request that counterfeits products being imported into Switzerland be seized by customs officials

Classification for Swiss Trademarks

The Swiss trademarks can be classified in the following ways:

 1. Unique Trademarks

This trademark would make it easier to tell one Swiss company's goods from another.

 2. Collective Trademarks

The collective trademark is used to identify the goods a group of businesses produces.

 3. Ensure Trademarks

This trademark designates goods with certain unique traits or attributes.

To register a trademark in Switzerland, you must first decide what sort of trademark you need to register. Then, you must do the following procedures.

Procedure to Register a Trademark in Switzerland?

To register a trademark, one must go through the following process:

Prepare your Trademark

When it comes to Swiss company formation, designing the logo or taglines is an important step. As a business owner, one must be clear on the final look that you want your firm to have.

Apply along with the Required Documents

Once you are certain about the design, you must apply for its registration.

Business owners must submit the following set of documents as part of the registration process:

  • A duly filled application form 
  • A copy of the Power of Attorney
  • A clear representation of the trademark
  • Dedicated payment of the filing
  • A proper list of goods and services that will claim the trademark

In addition to those mentioned above, the priority document may be asserted at any time. The document may be written in any of the following languages: English, German, Italian, or French, and it must be presented within six months after the priority date.

Visibility at SWISSREG & Obtain the Certificate of Registration

After the application is submitted to the registrar, it will be made available online at The business proprietor can easily pick up the registration document from the authorities.

The Opposition Process

The three-month period for trademark objection would start as soon as the trademark was registered. Any person may bring a complaint or claim before a civil court if they believe that someone else has already registered a matching or identical trademark.

Next registration, your chosen trademark would be safeguarded for the following ten years. However, you risk losing your trademark rights if, after five years, you continue not to utilise it.

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What if certain signs are not registered?

 In case any sign is not registered as per the governed rules, then the unregistered signs may be protected under:

  • Federal Act against Unfair Competition 1986
  • As moral rights to the name
  • As geographical registrations
  • By copyright law

What can be registered as a brand in Switzerland?

The following list is registered under Swiss law in terms of both trademark registration and business registration in Switzerland:

  • Letters, numbers, and words
  • Figured-out pictures
  • Forms and figures in three dimensions
  • Colours
  • Holograms
  • Slogans

How many days does it take to register a trade mark in Switzerland?

It takes around six days to register a trade mark in Switzerland.

Is it worth registering a trademark?

Yes, obtaining a registered trademark gives you the means to stop others from using identical symbols and profiting off of your brand. It also protects your brand.



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