How to Register your Trademark in Singapore

Register your Trademark in Singapore

A trademark is a type of intellectual property right that protects symbols, names, phrases, logos and designs that can distinguish your business from others. One of the crucial steps in company registration in Singapore is trademark registration.

A Trademark is important for a company as it offers a distinctive edge to your business, allowing it to be identified by clients, customers and other competitors. Offshore company setup in Singapore is incomplete without registering your trademark because they protect the identity of your brand.

During the process of offshore company formation in Singapore, trademark registration makes sure that intellectual property is protected. 

Why is Registration of Trademarks in Singapore important?

Singapore is one of the famous locations for offshore company registration. It is important that your company’s trademarks are with the Singapore Intellectual Property Office.

Registering your trademark ensures a competitive edge for your offshore company in the market. When your registration is complete, your brand, products, novelty and services are protected by law.

As a registered owner, you will have the complete right to use your trademarked intellectual property for the commercial success of your business. 

What can you trademark?

The trademark is denoted by the symbol ™. It can be used only after the registration of your offshore company. 

Here are a few examples of intellectual property that can be trademarked during offshore registration in Singapore.

  • The name of your company
  • The logo of your company
  • Any device patented by your company
  • Any signature or numeral associated with your company
  • The heading, label, ticket, shape, colour, or any aspect of the packaging
  • A letter or word that is symbolically significant to your company or its services.

All or a combination of these can be trademarked to secure your intellectual property rights.

What are the Advantages of Registering your Trademark in Singapore?

Offshore business setup in Singapore is a simple and hassle-free process. Similarly, registering your trademark is also simple and easy.

If your trademark is registered, Singapore offers your business many advantages. They are listed below.

  • Enhancing your brand image
  • Providing Complete authority over the usage of your trademark
  • Preventing competitors from using your trademark.
  • Benefiting from the increasing market value of your trademark
  • Offering  total quality assurance for your products and services
  • Creating a source of revenue for your business if you allow third parties to use your trademark by obtaining a license.

Steps involved in Registering your Trademark

During your offshore company setup in Singapore, you must follow some steps to ensure that your trademark is registered easily. The steps are:

Step 1: Establish a Unique Trademark

Ensuring that your trademark is unique and there are no existing trademarks registered in similar terms is important. A distinctive trademark can prove to be essential for your business

Step 2: List the Products and Services of your Business

The type of product or service provided by the business will play a crucial role in determining the scope of the trademark. 

As per Singapore Intellectual Property Laws, there are 34 classes of industries and 11 classes of services. You need to Identify the class in which your products and services belong to.

Step 3: Preparing the Documentation

The following information must be furnished by you during the trademark registration of your business.

  • Your name and local address
  • A statement for trademark registration
  • A statement that intends the use of your trademark
  • A list of all the products and services of your company
  • Material such as a logo (in .jpg format), a 3D drawing clearly showing all the dimensions of the product you want to trademark

Step 4: Fill your Trademark Application

Once your documentation is complete, the application must be submitted to the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) and it will be reviewed by the authorities.

Once reviewed, the application will be cleared and your trademark application will be approved. 

Points to keep in mind about Trademarks

You must remember the following points about trademarks in Singapore.

  • In Trademarks Protection, Singapore follows the “First come, first served” principle.
  • The validity of your trademark is for a period of 10 years from the registration date.
  • The trademark can be renewed before expiry for a period of 10 years
  • Non-residents of Singapore can entrust the trademark application to an agent
  • Since the official language of Singapore is English, the application should be submitted in English.

Trademarks Protection in Singapore

One of the major benefits of offshore company formation in Singapore is the protection, privacy and confidentiality offered. Trademark registration ensures that there is no duplication of your innovation. Violation of a registered trademark is considered a criminal act under the Singapore Trade Marks Act.

The following can be considered a violation of a registered trademark.

  • Duplication of products or services
  • Importing and selling counterfeit goods
  • Imitating, copying, duplicating and infringing distinctive trademarks

Any trademark infringement can be reported to the Singapore Police. Singapore has a stable and functional legal system that ensures swift justice to you in such matters.

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