How to Respond to Positive Online Reviews and Grow Your Business

Positive Online Reviews and Grow Your Business

Responding to the positive online reviews left by your customers will definitely help your business. You may be tempted to wonder why you should answer to positive reviews. They are positive, after all, so why is your intervention required? In the lines below, you will find out why such a habit is so healthy for your business and how you can use this to make it thrive.

Why is it important to provide an answer to a positive online review?

Most business owners will be more than prompt when it comes to negative reviews, so why shouldn’t positive reviews enjoy the same level of attention? You see, even if positive reviews are provided by satisfied customers, they will still enjoy and appreciate your follow-up. Showing your gratitude will make your clients feel special and important, even if they are already happy with your products and services.

People don’t write reviews because they have a problem that needs to be fixed, especially when the review is a positive one. They do it because they want to share their personal experiences with your brand, products, and customer service. Without them even knowing it, your clients will this way transform into promoters of your brand and business. In the eyes of prospects, their reviews will be extremely precious and they have the power to convert a visitor into a customer.

Considering that a positive review is so powerful in shaping your brand’s reputation online, just think about the advantages you will enjoy if you also choose to respond. Showing that you care for each and every client, regardless if they are happy or have a problem, will definitely increase your brand’s reputation and make it appear as a trustworthy business.

How to respond to a positive review?

If you think that a simple “Thank you!” will do, it’s time you know that you’ll have to do more than this if you want your answer to be appreciated. Although it may not seem much to you, personalizing your answer for each customer will mean a lot to them and to those that will read your answer. Thus, the first thing you need to do when composing your answer is to mention the name of your client. This way, they will feel like the answer was written for them alone, instead of being something general and automatic.

What to say furthermore? Use the information the client provided in their review and offer a mirror response. For example, if the client mentioned that it was nice to collaborate with one of your employees, make sure to bring this up. Or if he or she stated a certain particularity they enjoyed while being your client, you can make reference to this part as well.

If you are wondering whether it is worth the effort to write a personalized response to a review, the answer is yes. Just think about the fact that the customer not only trusted your business sufficiently in order to make a purchase or invest in your services, but he also took the time to tell others about it. A positive online review is the strongest marketing tool you can use and it is willingly offered by each happy customer. You can at least take a few minutes to write back.

Besides using the name of the client, you should also make sure to show your gratitude toward their gesture. Also, don’t take too much time to respond. Do your best to be prompt and your answer will be appreciated even more.

What if I don’t have sufficient time to answer all the reviews received?

In case your business is doing really well and you’re receiving a lot of reviews, it is normal for you not to have time to respond promptly to all of them. After all, you need to manage your business and writing thank you notes can eat a lot of your precious time. In this case, at least respond to the most important clients. Those clients that really took the time to write a long and detailed review should definitely get an answer for you.

If these people gave away from their time to provide so many details from their personal experience with your company, you owe them a nice personalized response to their reviews. If they considered that you are worth the effort, make sure you return their service. Of course, don’t just write back a short message and that’s it. Do your best to invest the same amount of time and effort in writing the response as your client invested in his or her review.

A happy customer, who can be kept this way with a proper review response as well, will easily turn into a promoter of your brand. You keep customers happy not just by providing great products and services, but also by making sure to show them that their opinions, thoughts, and experiences count as well to you. So, work on developing an outstanding relationship with your clients and they will definitely recommend your business to their friends and family.

Even the search engines will appreciate your responses

When you choose to respond to online reviews, you do more than keep your clients happy. You will also manage to keep search engines happy as well. You need to know that Google, for instance, takes a look at the number of reviews as well when ranking your website. Thus, the more reviews you get, the higher you will rank. Of course, your answers to these reviews will help as well, as it increases the rate of engagement.

The Takeaway

So, the best thing you can do for your business is to encourage your clients to post reviews. If you have an online presence on multiple platforms, kindly request people to leave reviews on each of them, based on their preferences. Doing so will increase the visibility of your website and business on the Internet even more. Now you know the great potential of positive online reviews when it comes to growing a successful business.

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