How to Start an Appliance Repair Business in Los Angeles

Appliance Repair Business

If you are a technician living in Los Angeles then starting an appliance repair business can be a great career opportunity for you. Los Angeles is a sprawling city and a cultural, financial and commercial center of Southern California. Appliance repair service in Los Angeles has a great prospect, and the decision of starting your own appliance repair business can be a life-changing one, if you can execute every plan properly. You have to execute some business plan and fulfil government requirements to start your appliance repair business. In this article, I will discuss every little thing that you need to start your appliance repair business.

Do Your Research

Los Angeles is the 3rd largest economic center in the world and the business system of this area is very different from other cities in the U.S.A. So before starting your business, you have to do some research work on your competitor, how they operate their business, what kind of service they provide, why they are successful, etc. Moreover, you have to make a business plan according your skill, money backup etc. Don’t forget to adjust your plan with your competitor’s plan.

Select a Location

No matter what kind of business you are planning to start, location plays a very important role. 40% of your business success depends on selecting proper location. While selecting your business location, you have to keep in mind every small detail like what industry you are working on, price for office space, industry demand, transportation system, etc.

Build Compact Relationships

When you are starting a business in any city, building strong relationships is very vital. Mark Suster says, “Tapping into the right network of individuals who can help you succeed is one of the biggest determinants for success or failure of any early stage business.” So start building a strong relationship with your customer, competitor and fellow entrepreneurs who are related to your appliance repair business.

Prepare for the Challenges

Building a business in LA, whether it’s an appliance repair business or any other business, is not an easy task. There are a lot of challenges that you have to face while operating a business in Los Angeles. One of them is competition. Moreover, for a new business starter, it’s difficult to find skilled worker/employees. Sometimes they have to overpay for employees, and that increases the salary range. Despite the challenges, the good news is that the opportunity for appliance repair services in LA is huge and you can earn a lot of money once you settle down your business.

What You’ll Need to Start an Appliance Repair Business

You need more than your skill, knowledge, and experience to start appliance repair business.

  • A van or truck to transport tools and equipment, but at the beginning of your business you can use your car’s trunk and a spacious backseat
  • Make sure you have insurance on your vehicle that covers you on service calls
  • You will need some money for tools and equipment if you don’t already have them. You can purchase the basics, like fuses, belts, and thermostats, for a few hundred dollars
  • You must have a work area for major repairs, although you can perform minor appliance repairs on site. For work area, you can use home space if you have, or you may have to rent some space for repairs
  • You should set your business up as a corporation or limited liability company to protect your personal assets
  • Strong networking skills to develop relationships with clients, appliance vendors and warranty companies
  • A website, magnetic door signs for your vehicle, business cards, and online advertising to promote your business
  • Finally, you need a business license to start your business legally. For that reason, you’d have to register your business according to the Los Angeles State law

Advantages of an Appliance Repair Business

If you like freedom and work on your own, then appliance repair business is for you because about a third of all appliance repairers are self-employed. Home gadgetry and mechanization are always expanding, ensuring a future revenue stream for people who are able to repair them. Moreover, home appliances are a very important part of our daily life and we cannot think of a day without them. So if something goes wrong with these appliances, we have to repair them very quickly. That is why the demand for appliance repair is very high and future of appliance repair business is very bright.


Remember, apart from all the things that I discussed here, your skill, experience, and reputation are the key to success in this sector. When you combine your appliance repair skill with an appropriate business plan, success is there for you to take. So starting an appliance repair business will be the right decision for you if you can execute everything accordingly.