How to Start Business in Cyprus for Foreigners

Start Business in Cyprus for Foreigners

The third-largest and the most populous island in the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus is a member of the Europian Union (EU). It is also the world's 80th largest by area and the world's 51st largest by population. before e starting any business in any foreign country one has to collect every detail of the country. Cyprus is a small country but this country has full of business opportunities. The enormous resources made this country available for new opportunities for the localities as well as the foreign investors. The services and the economy of Cyprus also play an important part to drive more attraction of the investors.

To start a new business in a foreign country needs proper planning and adequate capital. Cyprus is a member of the EU, so for other EU citizens, there is no restriction for people who want to be a self-employed person or start a business in Cyprus. There’s no minimum investment required to start a business.EU citizens are now able to incorporate their business without requiring a local Cypriot partner, and The exception to this relaxation of regulations is businesses related to financial services, which are subject to strict criteria.

Some of the major businesses established by the foreigner are leisure and catering industries, followed by property investment and development. The most business includes holiday accommodation, such as apartments and cottages, bed & breakfast, villas, restaurants, shops catering, bars, cafés and, property agencies, translation bureaux, language schools, and sports centers, e.g. tennis, golf and water sports.

When we are talking about New projects, we need sufficient working capital, and that capital should survive until the business takes off. If you wish to borrow money to buy a property or for business incorporation, you should also be careful to consider where and in what currency to raise the necessary finance. Cypriot banks are very conservative and extremely wary of lending to new businesses, especially businesses, run by foreigners.

For any business setup, you just need good infrastructure. For registering the business with the government, one must follow all the legal procedures. We are starting from registration, licensing and document verification. These procedures will be quite lengthy for any business investors, especially foreigners. The foreigners first have to understand the rules, services and about the taxation system of the country. Our company Business setup worldwide helps foreigners as well as the localities to incorporate their business in a hassle-free manner.

What to Consider While Starting a Business in Cyprus

While deciding on opening a company in Cyprus, a foreign entrepreneur is suggested to follow the steps, but also to consider several aspects, such as:

  • Depending on the type of company structure, various formalities are required, that should be relatable to the owner must be considered. These requirements and needs are related to the shareholding structure of the business;
  • The company should have a legal address or registered address in Cyprus – virtual offices are available for this purpose;
  • The company must have a name given that should be registered and reserved online;
  • The company will need to register for taxation and employment purposes right after registration;
  • The businessman must apply for special licenses and permissions from the government.

Types of Companies in Cyprus

Registration for a local and foreign company is somehow the same. The most common business form that used worldwide is the limited liability company (LLC); there are also other types of structures that can be easily set up. These are:

  • The unlimited company in Cyprus and the company limited by guarantee, which is considered as limited liability companies; can be divided into branch offices, representative offices, subsidiaries are available for foreign companies.
  • The sole and single proprietorship which is commonly used for single-owned and small business.
  • The partnership which can be general, limited. But it should be legalized.

Some Important Points to be Noticed

  • Since 2008, Cyprus has joined the Economic Union, and as a result, the exchange rate risks were eliminated, and the monetary transparency made everything crystal clear
  • .When it comes to the taxation system in Cyprus, the double tax treaties were signed with more than 40 countries, to avoid the double taxation of the incomes of the foreign companies in Cyprus.
  • The corporate tax is only 10% and the lowest in Europe, and this encourages more and more people in business to incorporate companies in Cyprus. From Cyprus and dividends, no withholding taxes are to be paid for interest and dividend.
  • Dividend income, profits are some of the terms those are not taxable from the permanent overseas establishment.

Wrap up

Cyprus is full of opportunities not only just the restaurant or catering business in many more sector massive opportunities are there, for example, rental business, tourism, shipping industries, transportation business are also some of the remarkable business those are feasible for the foreign business investors who want to set their business in Cyprus. Our company Business setup worldwide helps the business investors to guide in their business incorporation. Contact us to get more information regarding our company services and its perks for hassle-free establishment.