How to Start a Business in Qatar

How to Start a Business in Qatar

Qatar has invested in heavily in developing world-class infrastructure, legal framework with international standards and efficient administration. The country offers benefits of an exceedingly advanced economy, with state-of-the-art facilities enhancing productivity, quality and best-in-class services.

Major Cities in Qatar for Starting your Business

1. Doha City, Ad Dawah

Doha is the capital city and seat of Government; it is a significant economic hub as well as the commercial, cultural and educational centre of the country. It has the country's main seaport and modern international airport. It has an advanced road system linking it with the the international road network, and it is Qatar's cultural, commercial and financial centre. Ad Dawah is a place filled with desert escapades, water sports, shopping indulgence, modern sporting equipment, historical museums, fine-dining, luxurious attractions and other natural attractions.

2. Al Rayyan City, Al Rayyan

Al Rayyan is located 10 kilometres north of Doha. It is the largest residential area outside of Doha.

3. Al Khor City, Al Khawr

Al Khor is a coastal city 57 kilometres north-east coast of Doha with a port for Municipality includes the emergent Industrial City of Ras Laffan. Al Khor is renowned for its harbour comprising fishing boats and small crafts. It is also famous for its beaches, historic towers and mosques.

4. Al Wakra City, Al Wakrah

Al Wakra is situated between Doha and Mesaieed, 15 kilometres from Doha, and has a small harbour for fishing boats. Al Wakra evolved itself into a small town with an industrial population who usually work in Mesaieed and Doha city.

5. Dukhan, Al Shahaniya

Dukhan had one of the first onshore oil production centres, oil in the Dukhan oil field was first drilled in 1939. It is situated halfway along the western coastline of the Qatari Peninsula. It has developed since the exploitation of the country'soil reserves commenced in 1949. Dukhan has one of the oldest mosques in the region Al Khotba Mosque, erected in 1942. There is a watersports club in the area called Dukhan Water Sports offers services such as powerboat sports, jet skiing and windsurfing.

6. Umm Said, Al Wakrah

Umm Said is the core of Qatar’s industry, situated 45kms south of Doha, on the east coast peninsula. It is both an oil-export and commercial port with refineries, as well as other industrial establishments producing natural gas liquids, steel, petrochemicals and fertilisers. Umm Said has excellent beaches too.

Industrial Cities in Qatar

1. Ras Laffan Industrial City (RLIC), Ras Laffan

The Ras Laffan Industrial City is a 40 sq. Km estate, strategically located on the north shore of the Qatari Peninsula and at the centre of the Arabian Gulf, and because of its proximity to the North Field (the largest natural gas field in the world) the RLIC facility is used to operate the Ras Laffan offshore site. The Ras Laffan Industrial City is the home to the Pearl GTL Plant world's most massive Gas-To-Liquid complex and host of many hydrocarbon-based industries including Qatar gas, Rasgas.

2. Mesaieed Industrial City, Al Wakrah

Located 45kms south of Doha, Mesaieed is the major industrial city in Qatar. It has a large seaport as well as the main terminal for the export of oil and other hydrocarbon products. The city has industrial area housing primary industries, a large seaport, and the main terminal for export of oil. The beaches at Mesaieed with their beautiful sand dunes are considered to be among the most important tourist areas in Qatar. The Mesaieed Industrial City host significant industries such as Qatar Petroleum Refinery, Qatar Fertilizer Co. and various other industries.

Types of Business Entities in Qatar

While planning to start a business in the state of Qatar, it is essential to select the perfect type of business vehicle for your company in Qatar. The government has created company structures for businesses interested in starting operations in the country according to the activity.

Facts About Qatar

  • The Limited Liability Company structure is the most common form used by international businesspeople to start their ventures in Qatar. Click here to know more about starting an LLC in Qatar as a foreigner
  • Relaxed immigration for migrant workers and very fewer restrictions on recruiting staff from overseas which can significantly reduce business costs
  • Qatar’s population is about 88 percent foreign at any given time the country is home to 180 different nationalities. Major communities in Qatar come from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Philippines, Egypt, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan
  • Qatar has one of the highest GDP per capita income in the world
  • It is the world’s largest liquid natural gas exporter with 910.5 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in the Northern Fields

Free Zones in the State of Qatar

Free zones in the State of Qatar have distinctive regulations allowing foreign investment in Qatar and offers specialised purpose-built infrastructure, facilities, cutting-edge technological foundation, state-of-the-art zones with unique equipment for industries, companies and businesses operating out of the zone. Furthermore, the free zone provides 24/7 security, exclusive support services, a relaxed set of rules, excellent connectivity with other manufacturing zones and free zones.

  1. Qatar Financial Centre
  2. Qatar Science and Technology Park

Click the links above to know detailed information about the respective Qatar free zone.

Process for Setting up your company in Qatar

1. Commercial Registration

Commercial registration is the first step in registering your business in Qatar.

2. Trade Name Registration

Trade name reservation with the Ministry of Economy and Commerce in Doha.

3. Opening a Temporary Bank account

Open a temporary bank account for handling your company’s finances.

4. Drafting the Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation and Memorandum of Association must be prepared on behalf of the company and submitted to the authorities when required.

5. Issuance of CR

After the issuance of the Commercial Registration, you will have the following with you at the end.

  1. Registration with the Ministry of Economy and Commerce you can open a permanent bank account, dispatch invoice, accept payments and carry out transactions
  2. Trade License issued by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce with which you can carry out the licensed business activity in the country
  3. Computer Card with which you are authorised by the Qatar Immigration to hire someone or sponsor residence visa for an expatriate employee to work in your business

Click on the link to get detailed information on how to register your company in Qatar

The State of Qatar through its visionary plans and cutting-edge infrastructure projects planned in 2019 according to the comprehensive strategy for growth “Qatar Vision 2030” is accelerating the country on the path to success. The massive diversification of Qatar's economy over the dependence on hydrocarbons has been reflected in the policies of the government, as the state is actively enhancing its capabilities to develop a diversified commercial and industrial base. Besides, the state’s open trade policies and the extraordinary economic strategies combined with the help of the foreign direct investment which encourages international business to operate in Qatar while they largely contribute to the economy by diversifying its growth in finance, construction, technology and educational services. If you are interested in known more about starting your business in Qatar feel free to contact us for any queries.


How many days does it take to open a business bank account in Qatar?

It takes around four weeks to open a business account in Qatar.

What documents are required to open a bank account in Qatar?

The following are the documents required to open a bank account in Qatar.
Company trade license
Certificate of registration
Share certificates
Company memorandum and articles of association
Board Resolution
Passport and residence visa copies

How many days does it take to incorporate a company in Qatar?

Depending upon the legal structure, the company may take four weeks to incorporate a company in Qatar.

Is it feasible to open a bank account in Qatar?

With the help of a business consultant, it would be easier to open a bank account in Qatar.