How to Start an Offshore Company in Mauritius?

Offshore Company in Mauritius

Mauritius has recently become a powerful and premier international business destination for entrepreneurs. The economy of Mauritius encourages offshore activities and foreign investments. The government has created many incentives to help international investors. However, Mauritius has become one of the leading offshore jurisdictions for conducting business.

If you would like to proceed with Mauritius offshore company formation, you have to explore the simpler step-by-step guide to forming an offshore company. 

Advantages of Opting for Offshore Company Formation in Mauritius

There are many benefits to starting a business in Mauritius. The following advantages are listed for your better understanding and will help form your Mauritius company setup quickly.

  • The business owners are free from the repatriation of profits and income.
  • The offshore firm is not forced to pay stamp duty or transfer shares.
  • Mauritius offers high levels of data security and privacy.
  • Foreigners can open businesses in the country without the help of a local nominee.
  • Required only one shareholder and director
  • Mauritius doesn’t demand accounting or reporting requirements from offshore companies.

Additionally, have a detailed look at why start an offshore company in Mauritius.

Simple Procedure to Start an Offshore business in Mauritius

A Mauritius offshore company setup can be formed by following some of the basic company setup procedures. In order to know the process in detail and need the assistance of a consulting firm, get in touch with Business Setup Worldwide.

When you decide to proceed with the Mauritius company formation, the primary thing to take into account is choosing an experienced business setup consultant. Choosing a consultant per your business requirements will help you solve multiple queries. Along with that, it would be great if you were aware of the core essential reasons to hire an offshore business consultant.

After finalizing an experienced business setup consultant, the next turn is to finalize a business structure. Choosing a business structure depending on your business needs is sometimes hard. However, to make your Mauritius company setup process easier, get in touch with BSW.

Once you are done with finalizing a business structure, you have to focus your time on naming your offshore company. While starting a business in Mauritius as a foreigner, you have to be well aware of the naming rules followed for your Mauritius company formation. In order to get a clear picture of it, you can seek the assistance of an offshore business consultant.

After choosing a valid company name, the next process is to gather and submit the necessary documents required for setting up a business in Mauritius. The following are a few documents required for setting up an offshore company.

  • Certified copy of passport
  • Original or certified copy proof of address 
  • Original personal bank reference letter 
  • Original bank statement for your personal account from the last three months
  • Signed business plan
  • Curriculum vitae

Once you submit the above-mentioned documents required for Mauritius offshore company formation, you have to wait for the relevant authority to accept your business proposal. The difficulty level in getting the approval may vary depending upon the choice of your business jurisdiction. So, it would be great if you seek the assistance of a consulting firm.

After following all the steps coherently, you have to focus on bank account opening. Opening an offshore bank account in the required jurisdiction will benefit you in several ways. Also, explore the top seven benefits of offshore bank accounts in Mauritius

Our Role in Supporting Business Clients

After reading the requirements for setting up an offshore company in Mauritius, if you still have doubts about it, then without any hesitation, contact Business Setup Worldwide. The business advisors at BSW are experienced in the Mauritius company setup procedure and assist many business individuals every day in setting up their dream businesses. However, to make a wise decision in incorporating a company in Mauritius, contact us. We’d be happy to help you.


How many days does it take to incorporate a company in Mauritius?

It takes around 7-10 working days to incorporate a company in Mauritius.

Is accounting required for forming an offshore business in Mauritius?

Yes, accounting is required for forming an offshore business in Mauritius.

List out the reasons for incorporating a company in Mauritius.

The reasons for incorporating a company in Mauritius are
Flexibility in taxation
Quick incorporation process
Complete protection over the details of shareholders and directors
Protection over the assets

List out a few offshore locations.

A few offshore locations are
The British Virgin Islands

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