How to Start a Seychelles IBC?

How to Start a Seychelles IBC

Seychelles is one of the best tax havens for both businesses and individuals. So, let's speak; you're looking for an offshore company in a reputable country where you'll have access to favorable business legislation and various tax and privacy advantages. In such a case, Seychelles is the ideal destination for you. Regarding offshore business, it is one of the most popular places.

In this post, we'll review some of the most frequent benefits and characteristics of a Seychelles International Business Company (IBC), the most prevalent kind of offshore business.

A Glimpse of Seychelles International Business Company

Seychelles IBC stands as the top choice for investors seeking a Seychelles offshore company formation. This structure blends the optimal features of a Seychelles offshore trust, a standard Seychelles offshore company, and a tax-neutral Seychelles limited partnership.

Under the International Enterprise Company Act, any corporation, individual, or business can establish a company in Seychelles (IBC). The Seychelles IBC is the smallest legal entity permitted in Seychelles, with no share capital. Hundreds of thousands of Seychelles IBCs have been established, and many new offshore businesses are formed yearly.

Whether Offshore Company Uplifts Seychelles Economy?

One of the biggest misconceptions about Seychelles International Business Companies is that they're only 'offshore companies that do not contribute to the country's local economy. So, let's set the record straight:

Following the global financial crisis in 2008, the offshore industry played a critical role in reviving the Seychelles economy. Business investors and high-net-worth individuals favor Seychelles because it offers several offshore company perks.

Seychelles allows for the incorporation of a variety of business entities. The International Business Company is one of the most popular business structures (IBC).

Moreover, offshore company formation is a necessary business tool for those that want to do international business without being physically present in Seychelles.

The Seychelles International Business Company (Seychelles IBC) offers the ideal solution to international businesses that must be present in Seychelles while maintaining the simplicity and confidentiality of an offshore entity.

Key Factors Entrepreneurs or Investors Should Consider in Seychelles IBC.

What attracts business people to Seychelles?

One of the country's strengths is its steady economic and political structure.

Seychelles is a Commonwealth nation, yet its government is independent and democratic, with a stable society, making it an attractive investment destination for offshore investors.

Seychelles is a strict yet modern offshore jurisdiction that provides businesses with various appealing services. These services include IBC formation, offshore banking, insurance, and investment fund management.

Furthermore, Seychelles has established itself as a preferred alternative for offshore investors due to various favorable features for incorporated firms, including tax advantages, high secrecy, confidentiality, asset protection, and many others.

Advantages of Doing Business in Seychelles IBC

The innovative solution provided by Seychelles International Business (IBC) has prompted some investors to consider the small island nation as a potential location for offshore company registration.

Some of the key benefits of forming a Seychelles IBC are,

  1. Tax Benefits

Is Seychelles tax-free?  Seychelles is well-known for being a tax haven. The Seychelles tax haven's zero-tax policy for offshore firms is protected by law. Seychelles similarly has no capital gains tax.

Furthermore, unless the transactions relate directly or indirectly to real estate located in Seychelles, Seychelles IBCs are free from stamp duty on the formation of the business, transactions in respect of shares, debt obligations, transfers of properties, or other securities of a company.

  2. Privacy and Confidentiality

When forming an offshore business, privacy, and secrecy are essential factors that most entrepreneurs and investors consider. Fortunately, Seychelles is one of the most respected tax havens for offshore corporations due to its secrecy and confidentiality.

The identity of the beneficial owners, directors, and shareholders of Seychelles IBCs is not disclosed to the public unless a court order or regulations are required.

Accounting records of Seychelles-based businesses are kept confidential. Offshore firms registered in the Seychelles tax haven typically maintain their secrecy by maintaining their financial accounts and accounting records internally.

Along with the confidentiality knowing 10 Offshore Asset Protection Strategies would give a clear idea of how assets are being protected offshore.

  3. Fast Incorporation

Seychelles is a good choice, especially if you are worried about how quickly your offshore company may be formed. The Seychelles registration procedure is one of the most flexible and quick. In most cases, a new foreign business corporation may be established in Seychelles in less than 24 hours.

Criteria to be Followed Before Opening a Seychelles IBC

Before you may start the process of establishing a Seychelles IBC, you must first meet the following requirements:

  • It is forbidden to do business in Seychelles.
  • The company must not own any property in Seychelles.
  • Without a separate license, no banking transactions may be carried out.
  • There will be no securities business undertaken

In addition to the above criteria, knowing how to start an anonymous company in Seychelles would give you a clear picturization of setting up a business.

Certain Restrictions for a Seychelles IBC

An IBC can do any business if it conforms with the Seychelles International Business Companies Act. However, if your organization plans to engage in any of the following licensed activities, you must first obtain authorization from the authority:

  • Carry on business in banking, insurance, and foreign corporate services 
  • Carry on business in securities
  • Carry on business as a mutual fund
  • Carry on business in gambling

How Can I set up a Company in Seychelles IBC?

The following are the processes that must be taken to incorporate an IBC in Seychelles:

  1. Choose a Business Activity

Business activity is the first and most important consideration when establishing an offshore firm. Initially, one should determine what business activities are permitted. After deciding that, one should focus on the next step.

  2. Select a Strategic Location

Once you choose a specific activity, the next thing to consider is choosing a strategic location. The location one prefers will demonstrate the business activities one can do.

  3. Select a Certified Business Consultant

After choosing the business activity and the strategic location, one should focus on finding a certified business consultant. The business consultant makes your entire incorporation process easier. If you choose a wise one, you can start the business hassle-free. Moreover, know about 4 core reasons to hire an offshore business consultant.

  4. Finalize a Trading Name

After finding the best business consultant, next, you should take into consideration finalizing a trading name. One should follow various formalities while choosing a trading name. While choosing a trading name, one should be aware that one should not hurt any religious beliefs or use offensive terms.

  5. Apply for Business Setup

After selecting a company name, applicants must complete an application form and submit a collection of supporting documents, including the shareholders' and directors' addresses and identity proof, a well-written business strategy, passport copies of the shareholders and directors, and the shareholders' CV. 

  6. Submission of the Documents 

After gathering the required documents, they must be given to the proper authorities, who will analyze them and provide the necessary licenses.

  7. Open a Bank Account 

The last step is to open an offshore bank account, which enables business owners to execute transactions more efficiently. An offshore company with bank account can be very much useful to the management.

Documents Required for Opening an Offshore Company

Below are the documents required if you wish to start an offshore company.

  • Copies of all shareholders' passports
  • Shareholders' curriculum vitae
  • Proof of address (the lease agreement, utility bills, etc.)
  • If needed, a bank reference letter or a bank statement from the previous six months should be submitted
  • Three corporate names for the company
  • Selecting a business activity

It is an essential and valuable business plan component, regardless of which country you choose for your offshore company. So, whether you've selected or still need help deciding on a location, our experienced professionals at Business Setup Worldwide can guide you through the process.

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By enlisting the help of specialists, you can ensure that you're starting on the right foot and following all of the necessary laws and regulations. So, contact us immediately to begin setting up your offshore corporation and creating an asset protection strategy that will endure eternally.



Who is Seychelles International Business Authority?

The International Business Authority of Seychelles (SIBA) is a one-stop-shop for licensing and regulating offshore enterprises. In addition, it administers International Trade Zone operations in Seychelles and is the Registry of International Business Companies and International Trusts.

What is an IBC in Seychelles?

Seychelles IBC is the most popular type of Seychelles offshore company due to its flexibility, fast incorporation, low government fees and excellent legal framework.

What is the most significant benefit of incorporating in Seychelles?

One of the most significant benefits of incorporating in Seychelles is the lack of taxation.

Can foreigners start a business in Seychelles?

Yes, the Seychelles government allows foreign investors to register their companies in the country.

Is Seychelles still a tax haven?