How to Buy a Shelf Company in Hong Kong?

The offshore company incorporation process in Hong Kong allows the business investors a second option of buying a shelf company. This guide is going to give you the complete essentials that you need to know before purchasing a shelf company in Hong Kong. Before we proceed ahead with the buying process, let’s take a step and start from the basics.

What is a Shelf Company?

A shelf company is also regarded as a ready-made company that is meant for investors who are planning to start their business activities instantly and doesn’t want to engage oneself in the lengthy registration process. In simple terms, we can say that shelf companies are legal business entities that have already been registered and are ready-to-occupy. Some of the traits of a shelf company are highlighted below:

  • They are already registered
  • They stand as unused business entities
  • Can be customized accordingly
  • Serves to be convenient

The Shelf companies have already been registered in the Company Registry and thus holds the Certificate of Incorporation. The characteristics mentioned above turns out to be favourable for business owners and investors that provokes them to proceed ahead and buy a shelf company in Hong Kong. 

How to Buy a Shelf Company in Hong Kong?

The registration process of a Shelf company in Hong Kong turns out to be simple as it holds no real registration actions and requires a day or two to transfer the ownership. The following steps are to be focused while buying a Shelf Company in Hong Kong:

  • Choose a Dedicated Business Name
  • Fill the Relevant Business Application
  • Be handy with the Articles of Association (AOA)
  • Submit the essentials with the relevant documents to the Company Registry
  • Pay the appropriate amount
  • Once the payment is made, related documents regarding incorporation will be issued
  • Upon signing the materials, the Certificate of Incorporation will be issued within 2-3 working days

Benefits of Buying a Shelf Company in Hong Kong?

Starting a business in Hong Kong by buying a shelf company is prevailing among business investors because of the following leverages:

1.Easy and Faster Process

Since a shelf company is already a registered company, the process of acquiring the same becomes more comfortable and at a faster pace. Usually, the registration of an offshore company in Hong Kong might take a week or so. However, the shelf company process gets completed within 1-2 business days.

2.Rid of Registration Process

In general, the registration process is a standard procedure that needs to be completed by submitting the company documents and is a lengthy one as proper verification is carried out. This complete process indulges various legal formalities that need to be abiding by the company and the respective shareholders and sometimes turns out to be a painful one. While dealing with a shelf company, you don’t have to worry about the registration part as it is already recorded in the Company Registry. The only task a shelf company demands is the payment of the respective fee, and you can start the business operations.

3.Immediate Focus on Business Process

As it is clear now that opting for a shelf company reduces the unwanted burden, business owners can easily focus on the core business functions, strategies and implement them within a short period.

4.Build the Sense of Longevity and Confidence

One of the essential flexibilities that the shelf company provides to the business investors is that they can operate the business activities under the same name as recorded in the Company Registry. This helps the business investors to gain the confidence of the shareholders and provoke them to invest in the company.

5.Open Corporate Bank Account

Holding a shelf company eases the process of opening a corporate bank account, which is essential for any business entity to deal with their respective customers, debtors and creditors. Since the company holds proof of its existence, the corporate bank account proceedings can be sorted quickly.

Thus, you can see that going ahead with a shelf company is one of the best investment decisions that you can make while setting up an offshore company in Hong Kong. To know more:  offshore company formation in Hong Kong. It is to be noted that you must be aware of the location as it plays a significant role in boosting your business growth. One of the common ways that global investors prefer to proceed ahead is by having a word with business experts who are well-versed with the business incorporation proceedings.

Benefits of Availing Professional Services

By joining hands with business experts to buy a shelf company, you can avail the following benefits:

  • Experts can help you to find the relevant premise at a faster pace
  • They are well-equipped with the availability of the shelf companies
  • Provides you multiple options
  • Accounting and bookkeeping records are managed efficiently
  • The documentation process will be carried out professionally

Business Setup Worldwide is one of the best business consultants that is focused on providing the best business incorporation solutions. Our business experts are well-versed with the offshore company setup process in Hong Kong and can help you to find a suitable shelf company for your business. If you hold any query, feel free to have a word with our advisors. Contact us today-we’d be glad to assist.

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