How to Establish an Anonymous Offshore Bank Account

While working with our clients,  the main goal that we set is to create suitable conditions for the clients to do business and successful development. We allow the highest confidentiality and security while delivering services by using all available tools of business arrangement.

Anonymous Banking is a type of offshore banking in which the individuals or companies can no longer have an anonymous account in an offshore jurisdiction where there is complete privacy. Most of the offshore jurisdictions have banks that provide utmost confidentiality with an offshore trust. In such cases, the company's actual shareholders are not revealed, and only the registrars of the account are known to the bank.

Anonymous bank accounts provide the utmost privacy for an account holder. Neither name nor identification was used to open an account that was just a numbered bank account. There are a few exceptional cases where the bank would be eager to provide a numbered account to a client whose information is known by only the most senior bank representatives. That holds no security for some people. The best way to gain anonymity is to use one of the offshore products like for example, an International Business Company, or an offshore trust to control the offshore bank account.

Application of Anonymous Bank Account

The main purpose of opening an anonymous bank account is not to make operations. It is opened to collect and store large amounts. Anonymous bank accounts are mostly used to solve private issues such as preservation of inheritance from unethical heirs or partial distribution, protection of funds during the divorce process against applicants, and storage of funds obtained from real estate transactions. Anonymous bank account can be used for business tasks such as transfer of profits from the offshore companies, payment of dividends, and royalties.

If the account holder wants to make a more significant number of settlement transactions, he can open an account with an offshore company.

Where to open Anonymous Bank Account?

Switzerland is the most stable country in terms of delivering banking services at the highest level of confidentiality. Accordingly, if you struggle for the best service and warranty of anonymity, you should be ready to provide all the required documents. The bank will allow the opening of the account only when it introduces itself to the dealer. The beneficiary’s identity should be set up. The minimum amount needed to open the anonymous account is 100 000 EUR. The account can be opened both on the natural person and the legal entity.  

How to open an anonymous account

The Private Financial Services provides services of the trustee company to you.
There are cases of fraud by trustees who provide their services to open anonymous offshore bank accounts.  By using the services, your privacy and security and ensured. By acting through the trustee company, you keep away from contacting the bank that may result in denial of cooperation.
Our company undertakes for the entire process of the opening of the offshore bank account. Then the client receives a ready account and all the passwords of managing an anonymous bank account.

How to Create an Anonymous Offshore Bank Account

In order to establish an offshore bank account, there are four things that you need to address.

  1. You need to set up an anonymous Corporate entity to be the account holder. In order to achieve this, you will need to incorporate a Company in a Privacy Haven. You need to incorporate somewhere that does not have a public register of Directors or Shareholders.
  2. To reduce the chances of your ownership of this company being discovered you will want to make sure it is incorporated in a country which does not have a Tax Information Exchange Agreement with your home state   If you need maximum privacy then you would be clever enough to include a  firm foundation as part of the Corporate Structure. 
  3. You will need to make sure that you open a Corporate Bank Account at an Offshore Bank, which is not going to share any information regarding ownership. Ideally, the bank will not be located in a country that has agreed to be part of the OECD Bank Account Info.

We hope that we have provided you with all the necessary details about the anonymous offshore bank account.

Business Setup Worldwide is a platform to guide you through this. If you need any assistance in establishing an anonymous offshore bank account, then you can contact us! We’d be glad to assist you.