How To Get a Marketing Management License in Dubai?

marketing management license in dubai

A business plan is nothing without marketing. Marketing management is basically the process of displaying the services or products to promote on the market. It includes pricing, executing the business plan, and distributing the products or services your business offers. Now, according to a survey, Dubai is the second-best city to start any entrepreneurial business after Singapore. 

So if you are someone looking to start a marketing management business, Dubai is the perfect place for you. Why? Check this blog out to know more about the same.

Marketing Management Business in Dubai

Dubai has a booming economy for all entrepreneurial businesses. According to the report, the demand for marketing consultancy in Dubai, in general, is likely to increase by 8% between 2018 and 2028. The emirate has become a business hub with technological advancements, which enhances the opportunities for modern businesses. These modern businesses demand new ways of marketing management. Therefore it is safe to say that there is a demand in Dubai for marketing management business. The Global Infrastructure Investment Index has ranked Dubai among the top three countries for infrastructure investment attractiveness.

You must apply for a marketing management license in Dubai to start the business. You can also start your business in Dubai mainland and in Dubai free zones.

The Benefits of Marketing Agency in Dubai

  • Dubai has a diverse economy and provides a wide range of opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Dubai has a favorable tax regime for business setup with business ownership, no customs duty, and low import duty.
  • You can enjoy 100% capital repatriation and avail yourself of multi-currency business options. 
  • Dubai has become a trading hub with exceptional leadership opportunities. 
  • The government enhances the scope of business setup with free trade agreements and other business support from the government. 

How to Obtain a Marketing Management License in Dubai?

Dubai has a wide range of business opportunities for marketing management business. You must obtain a license if you want to open one. Follow the below-mentioned process for the same:

  1. Finalize the business activities

In the first step, make a business plan mentioning all the business activities for marketing management business. The executive summary with the execution plan will help you to start the business in a professional way. 

  1. Determine the trade name

Secure a name for your business in Dubai. Dubai has various regulations regarding business names. Therefore select up to three trade names for your business.

  1. Choose the business location

Location plays an important role in any business. You can start a marketing management business in Dubai mainland or Dubai free zones. Finalize the location once you decide to start the business.  

  1. Obtain the marketing management license

In the next step, apply for the marketing license in Dubai and submit all the relevant documents that are mentioned in the next section of the blog. You can get assistance from any business expert. Learn more about what is a digital marketing license Dubai, for example, which is a part of the marketing business.

  1. Open a bank account

In the last step, open one corporate bank account for your business. You can keep track of all of your monetary transactions with this bank account.

Required Documents for Marketing Management Business in Dubai

You need to upload the following documents to obtain a marketing management license in Dubai:

  • Passport-sized photographs of the owner and the shareholders
  • Passport copies of the owner and the shareholders
  • Resident visa, tourist visa, or entry permit in the UAE
  • A NOC (No-Objection Certificate) if required.

How Can We Help?

The marketing management business in Dubai is ever-growing, with various business opportunities. Dubai’s business landscape is vast and changing over the course of time. Therefore starting a marketing management business will be advantageous for you. 

If you are looking to start a Marketing Agency in Dubai, then you might need business consultancy services to obtain the marketing license, which comes under the professional license category in Dubai. Business Setup Worldwide is one of the reputable business consultancies in the UAE. Our team is ready to provide you with any kind of answers to your queries. Contact us for further information.  


Can foreigners apply for a Marketing Management License in Dubai?

Yes, foreigners can apply for a Marketing Management License in Dubai, subject to meeting the eligibility criteria and submitting the necessary documents.

Is it necessary to have a local sponsor to obtain a Marketing Management License in Dubai?

A local sponsor is necessary to obtain a Marketing Management License in Dubai. In addition, a local service agent must be required to assist with administrative tasks related to the company registration process.

What are the benefits of obtaining a Marketing Management License in Dubai?

Some of the benefits of obtaining a Marketing Management License in Dubai include the following:

  • A business-friendly environment with tax exemptions
  • Access to a diverse and growing market
  • Easy connectivity with other countries
  • Availability of skilled and multilingual workforce
  • Favorable government policies and regulations

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