How to Obtain an Export License in Dubai?

Obtain an Export License in Dubai

Dubai, the bustling city, is well known for conducting various range of business activities. While conducting different trading businesses in Dubai, entrepreneurs and business people gained adequate advantages. 

While considering a trading business, obtaining an export license is a challenging task. There are specific rules and regulations to be followed while exporting things. However, you can read the entire write-up to get an in-depth idea about how to Obtain an Export License in Dubai.

Importance of Obtaining an Export License Dubai

When you decide to start a Dubai export business, you must know the benefits you gain by opting for an export license in Dubai.

  • Access to a wide range of markets
  • Credibility to conduct business
  • Complete access to governmental policies

In addition to that, explore the business opportunities in Dubai.

Basic Procedure to Obtain an Export License in Dubai

As an entrepreneur or business owner, if you are deeply interested in obtaining an import-export license in dubai, you must adhere to the below procedures.

When starting any type of business in Dubai (mainland or free zone), it is mandatory to obtain a license. The motive behind obtaining a license for each business activity is that it helps you to conduct business without any restrictions. However, when you wish to start a Dubai export business, you should ensure the respective license's availability. Knowing the requirement of the right license will make you start your company quickly without any worries.

After analyzing the type of license, next, you have to proceed with company formation in Dubai. While registering your business through DED or the relevant free zone authority, you can start functioning your business. Also, it should be taken into concern that without even registering your company, you couldn't apply for your export license in Dubai. Along with company registration, ensure you know the norms to follow while naming an export company.

Once you are done with the company registration process, you can fill out the application form required for obtaining an import-export license in Dubai. While obtaining a license in Dubai, you must have to wait for certain approvals. For instance, if you are obtaining your license in Dubai mainland, you have to get approvals from the Department of Economic Development, and in case if your business is carried out in a free zone, you have to get a relevant permit from the free zone authority.

The next turn is to apply for your business license. The application form can be fully submitted by offering the proof required for obtaining an export license. When the documents are submitted on the right track, there are higher possibilities of proceeding to the next step. You must complete the relevant documents on time to avoid rejection. Getting a business setup consultant's support for proceeding with any form of license application process is highly recommended.

After submitting the essential documents, the major thing that bothers every individual is the import-export license cost in Dubai. Once you have settled down with that, you can get your business license.

Why Choose Us to Obtain Your Export License in Dubai?

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How many days does it take to obtain an export license in Dubai?

It takes around two working days to obtain an export license in Dubai.

Who issues an export license in Dubai?

The Department of Economic Development issues an export license in Dubai.

How much does the Dubai import-export license cost?

The Dubai import-export license fees may vary depending upon the requirements, but considering the cost, it charges around AED 13,000.

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