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How to Open a UK Offshore Bank Account?

The United Kingdom has the most powerful banking system in Europe and is the fourth largest globally. Over the years, the UK has turned out to be one of the profitable tax-havens that has grabbed international investors' attention.

Apart from company incorporation, one of the powerful segment that has established a strong demand is the offshore banking system.

Offshore banking is a niche facility that provides advantages for ex-pats living abroad and is often utilised by those requiring international financial services.

If you are looking forward to opening an offshore bank account in the UK, then this is the ultimate guide that highlights the essential info that you should know before investing.

What is Offshore Banking?

In a global scenario, the offshore banking concept deals with opening an offshore bank account outside the country where the owner resides.

In the earlier days, there is a perception, deserved in some cases, that offshore consumers hide their income and wealth from tax specialists and that banks ease the process. This has encompassed tax evasion as well as money laundering.

However, today, holding an offshore bank account ads on as a prestigious move that helps a business investor to enter into international transactions.

To get better clarity, have a look at our latest guide on 7 Common Myths About Offshore Banking, which will help you to understand the insights at ease.

Why Open an Offshore Bank Account in the UK?

This is with regards to both individuals and companies who want to open an offshore bank account. To put it, having a bank account overseas is the first step to protecting your wealth and your freedom. Other reasons being –

  • Political risk diversification
  • Asset protection
  • Banking with more stability
  • Deposit insurance fund insolvency
  • Currency diversification
  • Higher interest rates
  • Invest in forex trading
  • Enter the international market
  • Deal with global trading

Offshore Banks in the United Kingdom

One can want to start an offshore business in the UK for what it offers.

The major international banks in the United Kingdom are -







RBS Group

RBS Group

Also, there are other niche private banks offering banking services, like –

Rothschild Bank

Rothschild Bank

Kleinwort Benson

Kleinwort Benson

Coutts and Co

Coutts and Co.

Who uses Offshore Bank Account?

The offshore bank account is opened by –

  1. Expats – If you live or work abroad but still need to make transactions back home as well, there are many benefits to having an account, and you can have your salary paid into in the local currency.
  2. Landlords – Whether you own a property abroad that you have let, or you have moved overseas and rented out your UK home, an offshore bank account could make it easier to receive rent and payout for bills and mortgages in the relevant currencies.
  3. Business people – If you need to travel more often for business, an offshore account could be convenient for being able to make transactions in different countries using different currencies.
  4. Retiring abroad – If you retire overseas, you might still want an account that lets you make sterling transactions in the UK as well as for general use in your new occupant country.

How to Open an Offshore Bank Account?


When it comes to opening an offshore bank account in the United Kingdom, one must focus on several steps involved.

1.Get in Touch with a Consultant

Dealing with the banking process becomes a complicated one if you are not well-versed with the technical process.

Since you are a foreign investor, you may not be aware of the banking proceedings in a foreign land. To proceed in an error-free way and save time, it is essential to proceed ahead under business experts' guidance.

2.Enter into a Clear Discussion

In the next move, you have to enter into a clear discussion with your business experts to get a complete idea about the process.

This will help both the parties to understand the process at ease, and necessary steps can be cleared efficiently.

3.Submit the Papers

In the next move, you need to submit the company papers to the business advisor that, in turn, will be handover to the banking authorities.

While opening an offshore bank account, the set of essentials include:

  • Duly filled bank account opening application form
  • Identity and address proof of the business investors and shareholders
  • Well-drafted business plan
  • Bank reference letter (if required)
  • Photos of the business investors and shareholders
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Memorandum and articles of association

4.Get the Required Approvals

In the next move, you have to get the required approvals from the banking authorities to carry out the activities.

If the approvals get rejected, then you need to cross-check with your business advisor and rectify the errors accordingly.

5.Commence the Business Activities

Once the bank account gets opened, you are ready to carry out the business activities at ease. Additionally, you can also get involved in the international trading process.

The above pointers highlight the complete steps that you need to focus on while dealing with the offshore bank account process.

When it comes to proceeding ahead, it is recommended to proceed ahead under an expert’s advice to guide you accordingly to take the appropriate steps at ease.

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