How to Register an Offshore Company Formation Trust in Belize?

Offshore Company Formation Trust in Belize

Belize trust is well-known and is a popular legal structure used to protect your assets in an offshore location. The Central American country falls under the British Common Law and maintains all the legal requirements to reach privacy and security for assets. Let's understand more about the Belize Trust Company.

Belize Trust Companies

A Belize trust company can be described as a legal entity which is located in the country’s premises and is assigned a trustee who takes care of the trust. A trust is a form of International Business Company (IBC) which protects the assets from legal threats or any external liabilities. 

A Belize trust formation has three types of members. 

  • Settlors

A settlor is the creator and owner of the trust and can assign assets to the trust. The purpose of the trust is decided by the settlor; he ensures that all the assets in the trust are managed for the benefit of others.

  • Trustees

A trustee is a legal entity that is responsible for managing the trust. The trustee should be the resident of the country in which the trust is registered.

  • Beneficiaries

The beneficiary is the person or entity which can benefit from the trust. There can be multiple beneficiaries of a trust. According to the Belize Asset Protection Law, the names of the beneficiaries of a trust can be disclosed.

Key Requirements for Belize Trust Company

According to the regulations, you must provide the documents for Belize trust company formation: 

  • Name of the Trust 
  • Trustee’s name
  • Date of registration
  • Protector’s name (if any) 
  • The settlement date of the trust 
  • Trust agent’s name and address. 

How to Start a Belize Offshore Trust?

To proceed with the incorporation process of a Belize Offshore Trust, one has to go through the following steps:

  1. Select a Certified Business Expert

You can start by hiring a business expert to open a trust company in Belize. They will help you to complete the incorporation process quickly. 

  1. Choose the Trustee

The next step is to find a trustee to manage the Trust. You must choose a licensed and experienced trustee. If you are opting for an entity, ensure that it serves the best interests of the beneficiaries. 

  1. Submit the Required Documents

Keep the documents required for opening the Belize offshore company formation ready and submit them to the concerned authorities. If you hire a business consultant, you can present every document to the advisor, who will take care of the process of document submission for company formation. 

  1. Verifying the Documents

In the next step, the government authorities will verify all the documents and provide you with approval. The Belize government will review all the documents and you need to make sure that the trustee is registered. 

  1. Register the Company

Once the review by the government is completed, the final approval is issued from the government. Registering the trust in Belize and having legal counsel for the same are mandatory. 

The Usage of a Belize Trust Formation

A Belize offshore company formation can be used to safeguard your assets for the following business activities:

  • Bank deposits
  • Life insurance policies
  • Private company’s shares
  • Personal or business assets
  • Diverse investment portfolios
  • Real estate and intellectual properties


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Which regulation is followed for the Belize offshore trust company formation?

2018 amendments.

Why is Belize different from other countries' trust companies?

The Belize Trusts Act 1992, an offshore jurisdiction, represents a substantial increase in the codification of Belize's trust rules, incorporating more recent advances in the field of trust law.

Why is offshore trust company so popular among investors?

Due to its adaptability and flexibility to foreign investment anywhere in the world, the offshore trust is a very alluring investment vehicle for offshore investors.

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