How to Register a Trade Name in Saudi Arabia

How To Register A Trade Name In Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has emerged as one of the most preferred destinations for business setup across the world. Company formation in Saudi Arabia is known to be beneficial and hassle-free, making it a favourite choice for many entrepreneurs.

The Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority was established by the government of the Kingdom to facilitate foreign nationals in getting approvals for carrying out business operations, obtaining trade licences and applying for employee visas to conduct their business affairs. Often referred to as the MENA region's best country for carrying out business operations, setting up a company in Saudi Arabia can help open doors to uninterrupted growth and sustenance.

This article will help you understand the various steps involved in registering a trade name in which is an integral part of company formation in Saudi Arabia. 

What is a Trade Name?

A trade name or a commercial name is the official name of the business used for identification and taxation purposes. Simply put, it is the name under which your business is registered with the Ministry of Commerce and Investment while setting up a company in Saudi Arabia. This name is used for official purposes, such as contracts, invoices, legal documentation and branding purposes. Registering your trade name is imperative to ensure legal protection and protection of your brand identity.

Steps involved in Registering your Trade Name

Trade name registration in Saudi Arabia is simple  and can be done online or offline. The online registration can be completed by filling an online form available on The Ministry of Commerce website. 

The steps involved in the offline registration of trade name during company setup in Saudi Arabia are as follows - 

Step 1 - Submission of Application

Visit the Commercial Register Office nearby and submit an application for trade name registration. The application seeks details such as your name, type of business activity, jurisdiction of business and address of operation among the many. 

Step 2 - Review of Application

The Commercial Registry Office will review your application. Additional information may be requested. After making the necessary amendments, within 30 days a decision will be made regarding your submission.

Step 3 - Gazette Publication

Upon receipt of approval from the registry, a notice with all relevant information will be dispatched to you. You must publish this notice in the Official Gazette and a local newspaper within 30 days of receiving the approval.

Step 4 - Registration Certificate

Once you have completed the publication, you will receive a certificate of registration containing a unique registration number, trade name, name of the owner, type of business activity and address of operation. This will be done immediately after recording the name of your business in the commercial register. 

It is important to note that a fee will be incurred during the registration process and must be submitted duly. Once you have completed the above-mentioned steps, no other merchant is allowed to use the same name if they are carrying out similar business activities like yours. 

Till now you have understood what a trade name is and how you can reserve it within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Setting up a company in Saudi Arabia can open new opportunities for your business and help it flourish. At Business Setup Worldwide (BSW), we help you with company formation in Saudi Arabia and ensure the entire process is streamlined to suit your business needs. Reach out to our consultants today and let your dreams take flight!


How long does it take to review the trademark in Saudi Arabia?

7 working days.

How long is the trademark valid in Saudi Arabia?

10 years.

What is the cost of the publication of a trademark in Saudi Arabia?

1575 SAR.

.Is it possible to register a trademark in Saudi Arabia online?

Yes, through the government website.

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