How to Set Up an IBC in Belize?

IBC in Belize

When considering locations for offshore company formation investment, Belize is an attractive choice. Over the years, the area has effectively converted into one of the most lucrative offshore grounds. As a result, the International Business Company (IBC) is one of the most popular and advantageous organizational forms. If you're interested in investing in Belize, this blog offers all the information you need to get started.

IBC in Belize is one of the wisest solutions you may move forward with if you intend to invest in an offshore firm. Let's get going.

Belize IBC Act

Chapter 20 of the International Business Companies Act outlines all the tasks an IBC can complete in Belize. Learn more about the International Business Company (IBC). A corporation can become an IBC in Belize under the Act if it satisfies the requirements listed below:

  • The company doesn't deal with Belizeans for business purposes.
  • Does not possess any property in the nation.
  • Cannot provide insurance services.
  • Belize prohibits renting out space to other enterprises.
  • Does not oversee investments for Belizeans.
  • In Belize, one should not possess shares, stock, debt obligations, or other financial assets.
  • Cannot issue shares to Belizean citizens or businesses.

An interesting subsection in this act allows IBCs to

  • IBCs can maintain deposits with banks and other companies incorporated in Belize.
  • Maintain professional contacts with accountants, lawyers, and other business service providers in Belize.
  • Conduct accounting management in Belize.
  • Hold board of directors’ meetings in Belize.
  • Hold a property lease, which serves as a place to conduct its business.
  • Own vessels registered by Belizean laws.
  • Issue shares to any interested investors unless these investors are Belizean nationals.

The Process of Belize IBC Formation

You have to follow a specific process for Belize IBC formation, which include:

Finalizing a Trade Name

Deciding on a company name is one of the vital parts an investor needs to perform wisely. This is the first step when it comes to the incorporation of a Belize offshore IBC. Here is a Belize offshore guide for your understanding. Once the business name is chosen, it needs to be verified with the registry, as it cannot be identical to its competitors.

Prepare the Documents

One of the critical components in the incorporation of a company is documentation. Therefore, the collection of documents indicated above must be supplied by creating an IBC in Belize and will be scrutinized.

Register the Company

After submitting the necessary paperwork, it is examined before registering with the Belize Registry. It is important to remember that the register mandates that a licensed business consultant be involved in the process.

Open a Corporate Bank Account

A business entity must hold a corporate bank account to carry out business transactions. Therefore, an

offshore company formation with bank account allows business owners to carry out relevant business transactions quickly. Learn more about the advantages of offshore banking, which will help you understand the core essentials easily.

Carry out the Offshore Activities

Once the business entity is successfully incorporated, it can easily carry out the relevant business activities.  These activities include asset protection, international trade, and offshore investment.

How Can We Help?

As a result, you can see that the necessary commercial actions do contain legal issues that cannot be ignored. Getting in touch with a licensed company consultant who can assist you throughout the entire procedure is the best and most sensible way to do the same. Here is a guide on the Top 10 Benefits of Offshore Company Registration in Belize to help you fully grasp why

offshore business setup in Belize is a wise decision.

At Business Setup Worldwide, we endeavor to understand the fundamental wants of our cherished consumers so that we can offer tailored solutions. Our business consultants know the IBC incorporation procedure and can advise you accordingly. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. Contact us, and we’d be happy to help.


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What is the advantage of being a director of an IBC in Belize?

As a director of an IBC, you are exempt from paying taxes on the profits you have gained from the company's stock. In addition, since you aren't operating any facilities, your operational costs are minimal, and you have very little tax liability due to owning property or earning revenue.

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