How to Start a Grocery Store in Dubai

Dubai attracts numerous aspiring entrepreneurs and developing businesspeople. The infrastructure, strategic position, and freedom it affords to all business people make the firm and people's lives more lucrative.

Everyone had a solid ambition to establish their own business. However, beginning a business is not a complicated procedure. Anyone may start a business. More than just creating a company strategy is required. Business would be more accessible in all circumstances if we planned and did the minor things.

Similarly, if you want to open a grocery store in Dubai, you must undergo various procedures. It is a complex procedure to face and overcome all of the obstacles. However, it becomes more straightforward with the assistance of business advisors.

Is the Dubai Grocery Store Highly Profitable?

Opening a grocery business in Dubai provides several prospects and trading outlets. Because of the wealthy UAE market and substantial foreign investments, establishing a business in Dubai has always been appealing and successful. As a result, small businesses are drawn to start grocery stores in Dubai.

Furthermore, the government has created several chances for entrepreneurs to open grocery stores in Dubai.

The Procedure for Starting a Grocery Shop in Dubai

As we all know, every business may be established by following a protocol. Do you know what may happen if there is no proper business estimation?

You are correct. The firm may fail if it does not have a good idea.

Do individuals want to close their businesses before they make a profit? If you answered no, analyse the processes listed below to understand better.

1. Decision Making

The most crucial aspect of every business is decision making. Before you begin your business, you must conduct extensive market and competitive research. Because everyone wants to succeed in business, having a clear framework of what you want to achieve. Also, get an idea of the business activity you wish to proceed with.

2. Choose a Strategic Location

Location plays a significant role in setting up a business or making the business successful. Therefore, choosing which location suits and favours your business is necessary. You can start your business in any of the Dubai free zones.

Furthermore, after determining your grocery store location, create the lease contract and obtain the Ejari.

3. Documentation

Is it possible to establish a firm without a paperwork process? If you proceed with your business without proper documentation, it may result in its closure.

Can anybody afford to have their company shut down in the short term?If you answered no, you should not miss this section, which must be read.

Documentation is essential and required. However, it is also not straightforward to finish the paperwork procedure. If you fail to submit your paperwork to the appropriate authorities, your business may be closed down.

Along with the trade licence application, the owners' passport and visa must be supplied. 

Furthermore, the trade licence application, a tenancy contract and Ejari clearance from the Municipality are required. In addition, trademark registration from the Ministry of Economics is necessary, as are other filings.

To start a grocery business in Dubai, the document must be submitted by the Department of Economic Development's criteria.

4. Obtaining the Preliminary Approval

Do you recognise how essential it is to obtain initial government approval? The business activity cannot begin until you have initial assistance. Scroll down the page for a more thorough outlook on the initial support.

The DED grants prior permission after properly reviewing all paperwork. Obtaining preliminary clearance indicates that the government has granted permission for your company to operate in Dubai. If you do not receive this first permission, you will be unable to proceed with the application procedure.

5. Finding a Relevant Trade Name

Have you ever considered starting a business without a business name? Can you operate your company without a trading name?

You are correct. The shop or business must be named in the same way that each individual has their name.

Now let us look at the procedure for granting a trading name.

The trade name is just the name you provide to your company organisation. The Department of Economic Development must approve it. Confirm that you did not use offensive or complicated words in your trade name.

You would face a slew of legal troubles if you did. If you want to use a person's full name as your professional business name, you can do so.

6. License Issuance

Each business activity is licenced differently. For example, a business licence is required when opening a grocery store in Dubai. 

The Department of Economic Development issues the commercial licence. Only the items mentioned on the grocery licence may be sold. 

Also, to learn more about the licence, see the blog on Dubai grocery licences.

We've concluded our guide on opening a grocery store in Dubai. I hope the information provided above satisfied you and gave you a clear picture of how to establish a grocery store.

If you want to start a business in Dubai, you must follow several legal processes, which might be tough to navigate as a foreigner.

As a result, you can move forward with the business incorporation process under our expert guidance.

Our Role

With many years of expertise and suitable contacts in Dubai, we at Business Setup Worldwide make it a time-saving and cost-effective procedure. As a result, it is recommended that you contact us for further information and achieve your desire.



1. What products cannot be sold under a grocery license?

The things that cannot be sold under a grocery license are medical, herbal, pharmaceutical and cosmetics.

2. Is it mandatory to have a commercial license to start a grocery business in Dubai?


3. Can I use god's name for my business?


4. What documents are required for opening a grocery shop in Dubai?

The documents required for starting a grocery shop in Dubai are,

● A properly completed application in English and Arabic must be submitted to the authorities.
● Copies of the stockholders' passports and visas
● A copy of the business plan
● A copy of the leasing contract

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