How to Start an Offshore Bank Account?

Starting up a bank account in a foreign jurisdiction offers the account holders a variety of advantages. The idea of establishing an offshore firm has steadily evolved among foreign investors and wealthy individuals. The offshore locations, like onshore jurisdictions, also demand the existence of an offshore company bank account. It turns out to be feasible according to the set criteria if the business owner opts along with the incorporation process for the offshore banking operation. Opening a bank account at the offshore location provides business professionals with many privileges.

What is an Offshore Bank Account?

An offshore bank account can be defined only as: “a bank account held by a person or company in a jurisdiction that is not usually a resident of.” Licensed offshore banks are limited to accepting deposits and lending money to outlets outside the country where they are physically situated.

Documents Required to Open a Bank Account

  • Passport copy
  • Utility bill
  • Letter of reference for bank
  • Professional reference
  • Concrete proof of profits

Before proceeding ahead towards opening an offshore bank account, it will be beneficial to you, if you have a clear view of the offshore bank account.

Why Start an Offshore Bank Account?

The core benefits of an offshore bank account are -

Secure and Protect Your Capital

As a business owner or investor, you can eventually travel to several locations. The offshore banking system allows the ability to hold the bank account in one location that is a significant advantage. Protection of assets is guaranteed irrespective of whether you are present or not in the country.

Ease of Fund Access

You can have a highly personalized service if you have an offshore bank account that allows you to access the funds 24 hours a day.  Numerous services such as online transfer, ATM, or even telephone banking are available. You will also be appointed a relationship manager to attend to your needs, and you will also have a personal contact point.

Save Tax on Deposits

The business owners and creditors choose to move ahead with offshore banking to proceed with tax exemptions. Offshore jurisdictions are a tax-neutral one that favors investors because they have to pay a reasonably small to zero-rate when it comes to dividend receipt.

Opportunities for Foreign Investment

A developed offshore bank can provide a broad array of investment options that are not commonly available in the home country. Going ahead with the offshore bank is one of the fast and profitable choices, as it will help you develop your investment portfolio with numerous chances.

Diversified Currency

Dealing with foreign currencies is one of the best ways to uplift your investment portfolio. Offshore banking gives owners the luxury of dealing with foreign currencies. That will help protect your buying power and make your savings multinational.

Foreign Exchange Facilities available

Once it comes to the offshore banking process, multi-currency use becomes a standard, and the process is free and fast. Offshore banking offers versatility as opposed to a standard bank to track the competitive foreign exchange rate. Monitoring these observations will allow you to deal with currency volatility in the foreign market at ease and get a daily update. Read more detail about Forex Trading Offshore Company.

Maintain Privacy

The next prominent explanation of why business investors tend to head offshore banking is to keep their funds and investments strictly confidential and discreet. Here, the term privacy does not mean that the investors open the bank account privately. The real sense is that the offshbankBank takes the obligation to confirm your identity and residence, and will provide legal proof whenever appropriate.

Maximize personal liberty

You may get absolute freedom to manage your funds internationally when you hold an offshore bank account. When you choose a bank account, it only serves as a scheme of insurance. If the current business fails, then the decision to opt for offshore banking would give you mental peace. It is often advised to go ahead with the offshore banking process immediately after you have completed the offshore companies incorporation process.

Factors to be Considered Before Opening an Offshore Bank Account

Minimum requisite deposit

The first and foremost consideration is the amount of initial deposit required to open an account with the offshore bank. Some banks have higher requirements for deposits that may not suit individuals and small businesses. Therefore, it is beneficial to do some research on the various options available for offshore banking that will suit your needs. You can opt for a bank offering lower deposit amounts and setting up fees.


It is necessary to ensure that in preferred jurisdiction, the offshore banking operation is entirely legal. While offshore banking is fully legal in most countries around the globe, a check must be held as it may later lead to adverse tax consequences. For company owners and businesses, an offshore bank account is useful for transactions made outside of their country of residence. Thereby, it is essential to search into the legality of the international banking service provider before opening a corporate bank account.

Remote Banking Option

Banking ease is one of the most important considerations when selecting an offshore account. With online transactions in most banks, the management of transactions via online platforms has become more comfortable. Remote banking is an easy way to safely process banking transactions without needing to be physically present at a banking outlet. Through the advent of technology, the overall banking method has become much easier and more convenient. The choice of a bank service provider that offers its customers remote banking options is viable.

Tax and Interest Rates

There are essential providers of banking services that offer high-interest rates on deposits. Choosing these banks to open a bank account offshore will ensure higher returns. It would also help to maximize your profits if you searched for jurisdictions that provide lower interest tax rates. Tax and interest rates should be a key consideration when opening a bank account offshore. Hence it is helpful to compare various bank interest rates to assess the best choices available according to your requirements.

Privacy and Safety

Banking privacy is another significant factor enticing individuals and business owners to opt for an account offshore. A majority of overseas banks guarantee their clients a high degree of privacy and banking protection. It ensures safe and stable financial transactions without any risks. Banking data and information are often kept confidential to protect consumer privacy. Business owners also need the privacy of their records, possibly with the aid of an offshore bank account.

How to Open an Offshore Bank Account?

The procedure of setting up an offshore bank account involves the below four steps -

  • Pick from the list of banks at various Offshore locations your, preferred bank.
  • Provide us with your necessary details and supporting documents which the selecBankbank requires.
  • Complete the necessary verification procedures for Know-your-Client (KYC) and bank.
  • The bank account is ready for external use, together with other facilities chosen after successful bank notification.

Documents needed to Open a Bank Account

Documents required for a Corporate Offshore Bank Account

  • Passport copy
  • Utility bill copy
  • Reference letterBankbank
  • Professional reference

Notarized set of company documents include

  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • Register of Director
  • Register of Members/ Shareholders
  • Company structure outline
  • Complete company plan

Documents needed for a Personal Offshore Bank Account

  • Passport copy
  • Utility bill
  • Letter of reference for bank
  • Professional reference
  • Concrete proof of profits

One of the successful decisions an investor can make is to move ahead with the offshore banking choices. Before continuing with the banking process, the process of setting up an offshore company must be completed in a trouble-free manner. To run the process smoothly, most business investors prefer to go ahead with professional experts who have in-depth knowledge of the incorporation of businesses. Find out more about the core reasons for hiring a business consultant offshore.

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