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How to Start an Offshore Company?

Are you having a business idea in your mind? Want to start a business by paying a low tax rate? An offshore company is the best option to go ahead with.

What is an Offshore Company?

An offshore company is one of the jurisdictions that allow foreign investors to operate the business activities outside the country of its formation. As compared to the online company establishment, the offshore company formations hold a more straightforward process due to tax-legislation and business-friendly regulations. Before one head towards the incorporation process, one must be clear about the following parameters.

  • Type of business entity selected
  • No. of persons involved in the company set up process
  • Best offshore jurisdiction
  • Other requirements such as bank account, nominees etc.

Who Can Start an Offshore Company?

Holding an offshore company is not restricted to wealthy business professionals or investors, but also includes:

  • Investors seeking for better investment options
  • Individuals who look forward to diversifying their assets
  • Business investors who want to globalize their business
  • Business entities looking forward to forming a subsidiary in the overseas
  • E-business or online business who doesn’t have a physical presence
  • Startups who wish to enter the international market and pay low tax
  • Service business entities
  • The families looking forward to investing in real estate, planning and wealth management etc.

Before you proceed ahead towards the offshore business setup process, it will turn out to be beneficial if you have a clear view regarding the purpose of offshore company formation for business investors.

Why Start an Offshore Company?

The core benefits of offshore company formation for the business investors and owners hold the following grounds:

1.Tax Benefits

Forming a foreign company can help you to get rid of the tax burden to a great extent. If the country you reside has got no CFC laws, then you can virtually eliminate the tax burden. In case, if the state holds the CFC laws, then it’s likely that the tax reduction is possible. Any investor can obtain complete tax elimination by changing the residency.


Diversifying one’s earning is the best way of making a profit and multiplying the company assets. Investors prefer to go ahead with the offshore company option as one can find multiple companies and offshore bank accounts that enables greater security during unwanted risks like bank failure, seizure or forfeiture.

3.Separate Legal System

Business owners enjoy a different legal system by incorporating a business in offshore locations. This system provides flexibility to reduce your dependence and the authority of the country where the investor resides.


Once a company attains the international tag, the goodwill of the company shoots up, which helps to increase the reputation and sense of belongingness in the eyes of business investors. The route for new investors at a global level also get widened.

There are many benefits to starting an offshore company.

How to Start an Offshore Company?

To proceed ahead with an offshore company formation, the following considerations are to be taken.

1.Prepare the Essentials

The first step is to know and prepare oneself required the essentials. This initial phase contains the related steps.

●Gather the Respective Documents

One of the essential parts of company incorporation is the approval of the relevant documents. You need to keep in mind that the document requirements might vary based on the jurisdiction. However, certain documents act as mandatory in most of the provinces, which includes:

  • A duly filed application of business incorporation
  • Identity of the shareholder(s)
  • Passport and Visa copy of the shareholder(s)
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Articles of Association (AOA)
  • Proof of Financial Status

●Prepare a Detailed Business Plan

Upon submitting the essentials mentioned above, you also need to take care that a detailed business plan also needs to be provided. This plan should cover the essential aspects like finance, breakeven projection, budget, liquidity etc., which will help the Government Authorities of each jurisdiction to understand the business plan and get better clarity.

●Understand the Advantages

Depending on the type of company structure you want to proceed ahead or the location you choose, you need to understand the critical benefits including the company incorporation process, tax scenario, banking system, financial reporting requirements etc.  Holding this clarity will help you to structure and streamline the process accordingly.

●Proceed ahead with an Offshore Service Provider

Most of the business owners prefer to go ahead with the Offshore Service Providers (OSP) who can understand the business requirement of the client and take the respective call. This allows the business investors and owners to utilize their time in a much more productive way by being involved in the strategy building and planning process.

●Keep the Required fees handy

The moment you decide to proceed ahead with the OSP services, you need to understand the fee that they charge. This one-time investment is made to smoothen the process of company incorporation as the legal regulations and proceedings will be handled professionally. Before you select an OSP, to make sure to do a background check and the fees charged to keep it handy.

●Look forward to Avail Legal Services

While dealing with the OSPs, make sure that you are serviced with the legal proceedings. Many OSPs who will help you in the necessary incorporation process, but will not assist you in the legal framework. Incase if your selected OSP doesn’t provide the required service, then you need to go ahead with an attorney, which will be an increased burden at a later stage.

2.Select the Company Structure

Once you are done with the above proceedings, stage two involves the following steps that you need to deal with.

●Understand the different Business Structure and Select the Suitable Structure

A business entity can be established in multiple ways depending on specific parameters like location, the number of shareholders, investment to be made etc. Globally, the most common business entities are:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Joint Venture
  • Public Share Holding Company
  • Private Share Holding Company

Once you understand the pros and cons of each of the entity, you need to select the business structure to carry out the operations.

3.Select the Respective Jurisdiction

It is essential that business owners select the best offshore jurisdictions accordingly. Some of the best jurisdictions for the setup of an offshore company holds the following:



Indian Ocean


Central America

Middle East








The Gambia




Marshall Islands












Cook Islands


New Zealand




Isle of Man

Cayman Islands














St. Lucia


Hong Kong





St. Vincent






4.Avail the Banking Services

After the selection of the respective jurisdiction and the business entity, the next step is to avail the offshore banking service. A foreign bank is regulated under the international banking license (known as an offshore license) that prohibits the bank from getting indulged into any business activities conducted in the jurisdiction of company establishment.

Incorporating a company in the jurisdictions mentioned above stands as one of the profitable investment decisions. However, proceeding ahead towards the establishment process might turn out to be complicated if one has got no or half-knowledge on the legal framework that needs to be followed. To proceed ahead in a care-free and feasible way, business investors prefer to take the help of business experts.

Reasons to Avail Experts Help

By joining hands with the business experts, you will be able to grab the following benefits.

  • The business tasks will be handled in a professional manner
  • Fewer chances of errors
  • Strategic inputs and market insights will be known
  • Helps to provide quick incorporation solutions
  • Customized services can be availed

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