How to Start an Online Flower Business Firm in Switzerland?

Switzerland enjoys tremendous popularity worldwide due to the scenic mountain ranges, unique culture, and picturesque tourist locations. However, the country is well-known for boasting a massive population of people who love pouring their money into buying fresh, cut flowers. Therefore, starting a business in Switzerland in the floriculture industry is an unconventional business idea that can help an entrepreneur make huge profits.

Switzerland boasts an extraordinarily affluent and thriving floriculture industry, which is bigger than any other European nation and offers a significant boost to the Swiss economy. Special events such as Valentine’s Day witness record sales for florist businesses. Suppose you are planning on starting online flower company incorporation in SwitzerlandIn that case, you should know that most successful companies import flowers into the country due to the relatively small local production.

Read on to learn more about the rules and obligations for running a successful flower business in Switzerland!

What Are the Swiss Regulations for Importing Flowers into Switzerland? 

Even though the Swiss floriculture industry enjoys an exponential edge over other European countries, the local flower production is relatively small. Therefore, it won’t be able to mitigate the needs of the consumers. Furthermore, it is because flowers demand a set of conditions, leading to substantial production costs for florists.

Here are some Swiss rules that interested entrepreneurs must keep in mind while setting up a company in Switzerland in the floriculture sector:

  • Switzerland does not allow the import of miniature medlar or the Photinia irrespective of the country of origin.
  • Some plants that originated in countries outside of the European Union (EU), Norway, and Iceland, aren’t allowed entry into the country.
  • Swiss companies or entities cannot import plants like hawthorns or firethorns from outside of the regions mentioned above.
  • Owners of online flower business firms must acquire authorization from the Swiss government before importing certain types of plants. They should also carry specific certificates for trading purposes. These permits or certifications may be required in the case of orchids or cactus plants and some species of plants that have medicinal use.

What Are Some Things Entrepreneurs Should Keep in Mind before Starting an Online Flower Business Firm? 

Swiss residents may indulge in flowers more than residents of any other country in Europe, but the concept of an online flower business firm is yet to gain traction. This means that business owners can earn significant profits despite facing specific challenges in the business sector.

If you are planning on Swiss company registration in the field of floriculture, you should familiarize yourself with the following details:

  • The Zurich Flower Exchange is at the helm of affairs in the Swiss floriculture market and contains 200 entities.
  • Only 30% of the flowers available in the Swiss market are grown and acquired locally.
  • The remaining 70% of the flowers available in the market are imported from other countries subject to certain restrictions. The Netherlands is the most important partner and accounts for 40% of the Swiss imported flowers.
  • Flower-based companies in Switzerland also import flowers from countries such as South America (14%), Italy (11%), and Africa (5%).
  • Another piece of information that can help people plan to open a company in Switzerland in the floriculture sector is that Swiss consumers mostly prefer lily, chrysanthemum, and rose. Finally, the rose is the most traded cut flower in the European market.

What Are the Benefits of Starting a Small Business in Switzerland? 

There are several reasons why Switzerland is the go-to country for a lot of entrepreneurs and foreign investors. Some of them include:

  • The country boasts a strong economy and political stability going back decades.
  • Switzerland is home to the head offices of several multinational firms.
  • The government is highly efficient and has paved the way for measures that can help small businesses exponentially.
  • Liberal labour market
  • Liberal tax market; several tax incentives available for up-and-coming business owners
  • It serves as an essential financial centre
  • Well-developed infrastructure
  • And so forth

Switzerland is one of the ideal locations for running a small business such as an online flower business firm. If you want to learn about company formation and registration in Switzerland or learn more about lucrative business opportunities in Switzerland, get in touch with us today!

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