Impact of COVID-19 on Offshore Business

Offshore Business after COVID

This is an update for our customers on how the experts in our center jurisdictions are reacting to Covid-19 and the implications of this comparable to the exchange of business. The reason for this article is to enable our customers to comprehend better what "business as usual" in our jurisdictions really means.

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The British Virgin Islands Update


The BVI's Virtual Integrated Registry Regulatory General Information Network (VIRRGIN) is the primary method for getting publicly accessible data, dwelling filings, and enlistments for the British Virgin Islands Business Companies. It is an electronic framework, and its usefulness has not been influenced by measures set up to manage COVID-19. All filings/enlistments can be embraced electronically through VIRRGIN in the standard way.

Can searches be conducted?

Company: Company Searches can be embraced electronically by means of VIRRGIN, which is operational in a typical way.

Court: Searches will be directed from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday to Friday during the period where the Court staff sets up a check-in time.

At the point when the Curfew Period (or any further augmentation of the Curfew Period) terminates, it is foreseen that resumption to the standard system for undertaking court searches, which is through participation at the Registry, will happen.

Certificates of Apostille and Good Standing

Endorsements of Good Standing for BVI companies are accessible electronically by means of VIRRGIN.

The Deputy Governor's Office keeps on giving apostille administrations between the long periods of 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Other searches

The Office of Trade Marks, Patents, and Copyright is working distantly.


Stage 1 of the Protocols for the Controlled reemergence of people (Virgin Islanders, Belongers, Permanent Residents, and Naturalized Citizens) proceeds.

Stage 2 of the Restricted Border Re-opening Plan started on 1 September 2020. It permitted the accompanying classes of people to enter the BVI (with specific conditions and limitations for every specific classification):

  • work grant holders or work license exception holders;
  • people who have been allowed consent to dwell in the BVI for a specific period (for example, individuals who are allowed to live yet not look for business and people with Non-Belongers Land Holding Licenses);
  • understudies of privately based clinical schools and H. Lavity Stoutt Community College understudies;
  • people utilized by the Government of the Virgin Islands and its Statutory Bodies, Agencies and Boards; and educators (public and private);
  • wards (life partners and offspring) of Belongers, Permanent Residents, work license holders, work grant exclusion holders; and
  • people desirous of leading business in the Territory.

For the entirety of the classes recorded in the passages above, the affirmed COVID-19 section into the BVI estimates must be clung to, for example,

  • obligatory isolate;
  • social separating conventions;
  • sanitization and cleanliness conventions; and
  • endorsed face covering (covers and shields).

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Seychelles Update


The FSA, the Registrar, has continued its ordinary opening working hours. Filings regarding IBCs or other offshore elements can be completed as expected, including filings of Charges for Registration over resources of IBCs.

Recorder of Companies (RoC) – the Registrar is currently opened as regular to complete filings. To take note of that specific alterations to the Companies Act, 1972 became effective as from 30 June 2020, and there is presently another Seventh Schedule (supplanting the former one) regarding documenting costs under the Companies (Amendment of Seventh Schedule) Order 2020 (New Regulations).

Can searches be conducted?

Searches can be directed from the FSA and Certificates of Official Search granted as usual.

No physical record searches are accessible from RoC until further notification. Yet, Certificates of Official Search are currently accessible for homegrown companies upon application for an expanded expense under the New Regulations.

The Court Registrar has now continued the doing of litigation searches.

Certificates of Apostille and Good Standing

CGS for IBCs is accessible from the FSA, of course – these can be charged by email to FSA, and the candidate must organize the physical assortment of the CGS.

CGS for homegrown companies is currently accessible by application for an expanded expense under the New Regulations – application must be made face to face at the RoC Office. From that point, when the CGS is prepared, the physical assortment of the CGS must be arranged by the candidate.

Other searches

No other appropriate company search is accessible in Seychelles; other than land searches, and the Land Registrar's office is currently opened as expected; although a physical search of documents is not being allowed, for now, the Land Registrar can give physical Certificates of Official Search on land upon demand.


  • Since 1 June 2020, domestic flights and baggage flights continued their administrations. Additionally, recreation vessels and yachts have been permitted passage into the Seychelles region, regarding any direction from the Department of Health.
  • Since 1 August 2020, the air terminal has re-opened for business trips following directions gave by the Department of Health. Notwithstanding, Seychellois are still being disheartened from voyaging abroad for the time being just if essential, e.g., for dire clinical medicines.
  • The Courier administrations, to be specific, DHL and FedEx, have continued their administrations for assortments and conveyances all through Seychelles yet with specific limitations and broadened time for conveyances.

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The Cayman Islands Update


The Department of International Tax Cooperation (DITC) gave an Industry Advisory on 15 April 2020. The warning noticed a (FAQ 5 under the heading Reporting) distributed by the US Internal Revenue Service the day preceding.

That FAQ accommodated an augmentation of time for Model 1 IGA jurisdictions to give their 2019 FATCA information to the United States equipped position. Because of this change by the US, the DITC broadened the FATCA, revealing cutoff time for the 2019 announcing period to 16 November 2020.

On 29 April 2020, the DITC likewise expanded the detailing cutoff time for CRS filings, additionally to 16 November 2020.

The Chief Justice has given a training direction that formalizes the e-filing that had been acquainted as a reaction with the trouble of paper filings. The bearing accommodates the court record to exist in an electronic structure and for archives to be fixed utilizing an electronic, digitally certified seal.

Can searches be conducted?

The Cayman Online Registry Information Service (CORIS) is the principal method for acquiring freely accessible data about excluded limited companies, LLCs, and exempted limited organizations. It is an electronic register, and its usefulness has not been influenced by measures set up to manage COVID-19.

Court searches include the review of the register of writs and beginning process and the register of decisions. The Cayman Islands Judicial Administration, as of late dispatched an online stage for playing out these searches, and COVID-19 does not influence these quests.

Certificates of Apostille and Good Standing

Certificates of good standing are being given by the Registrar of Companies inside typical processing periods.

Other searches

Land Registry searches can be directed electronically by those with memberships to the online search service. Individual searches at the Registry are likewise an alternative, even though this isn't in practice how the legitimate profession conducts searches.

These searches may now be directed by email so as to maintain a strategic distance from pointless eye to eye contact.


Coronavirus has been effectively controlled in the Cayman Islands with, among different measures, a comprehensive testing and contact-following system. There are just four known instances of COVID-19 (three of them travelers as of now in quarantine).

Subsequently, limitations for smothering COVID-19 are presently negligible: workplaces have been allowed to re-open, private social events from various family units are allowed inside, eateries and bars are allowed to serve in outside regions just as inside. Night clubs are allowed to resume.

With impact from 25 August 2020, social distancing is longer mandated, and face covers are currently just obligatory where required by the Medical Officer of Health or by the proprietors or administrators of specific offices (for example, medical services or private home consideration offices and air terminals). The fringes stay shut until further notice to secure these hard-earned increases.

On 7 August 2020, the government reported that the arranged soft resuming of Cayman's international air terminals on 1 September had been pushed back to 1 October 2020, so all in all, a further choice will be made.

On 9 September 2020, the government declared that the soft returning of Cayman's international air terminals is as yet planned for 1 October 2020 and that affirmed travelers would be required, on appearance, to go through 14 days either (a) in confinement at home or another endorsed area, wearing an electronic checking gadget (on a wristband); or (b) in a Government quarantine office, at their own cost. Following 14 days, they will be tried for COVID-19 and will be released from disconnection or quarantine if they test negative.

The government foresees that during the main period of returning, flights will be carried out only by Cayman Airways (Miami, Kingston, and La Ceiba), British Airways (London), and affirmed private contracts.

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