Impact of Covid-19 on Oman's Economy

Impact of Covid-19 on Oman's Economy

The arising Covid-19 emergency seriously affects all parts of improvement in the Sultanate. Around the world, buyer spending has declined, travel and the travel industry have been upset, and industry has eased back down because of development limitations.

Monetary exercises and administrations, for example, transportation and shopping, were additionally influenced, which has prompted a diminishing in both utilization and demand.

According to the International Monetary Fund, Oman's economy almost shrank 6.4 per cent in 2020 due to the Covid emergency and low oil costs putting a strain on the state's coffers.

That would be a lesser constriction than the 10% fall the IMF estimate for Oman last year. In any case, the Sultanate's economy was as yet hit hard, with its non-hydrocarbon GDP assessed to have diminished by 10%.

This continuous emergency has led to such pivotal inquiries: What sort of financial repercussions would we be able to expect because of this pandemic? What effect will it have on society, schooling, the travel industry, and the climate? What are the accepted procedures followed by Omani associations in managing the impacts of the pandemic?

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Dr Al-Mukhtar Al-Abri - Dean of College of Economics and Political Science - talked about the impact of the pandemic on the Omani economy

"The Sultanate, like other oil-exporting countries, was affected by two simultaneous shocks: the global pandemic, and the drop in oil prices; however, despite the decline in oil revenues and the difficult financial situation, the government has quickly responded to alleviate the economic consequences of the crisis through a package of measures to maintain financial stability, support the affected sectors and groups, and stimulate demand to prevent a prolonged economic recession."

"The sectors most affected by the pandemic are hospitality, transportation and storage, and wholesale and retail trade (especially durable goods and luxuries); small and self-employed businesses have been particularly impacted. These sectors also require direct interaction (face-to-face) with the consumer; they were affected by the decrease in internal demand and collapse of demand by tourists and business travellers due to border closures."

Economic Impact

Similarly, as with the other Gulf Express, the impact of the worldwide closure and the plunging cost of oil, joined with an oil value battle with Russia, have devastatingly affected the soundness of Oman's economy and accounts.

Further intensifying its monetary strain, Oman has a nearly enormous populace and is without the tremendous hydrocarbon stores of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar or the UAE. This was additionally exacerbated for a mid-lease state like Oman, which has a more modest lease for every capita, contrasted and a high-lease state like Kuwait.

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In March 2020, Oman government bonds were downsized by three rating organizations because of the COVID-related drop in oil cost and the expanded requests on government funds – which, as Omani examiner, Dr Hatem Al Shanfari named it's anything but a heightening of what was at that point 'an ideal tempest'.

Notwithstanding, in spite of public obligation set to ascend to a record 77.1 percent of GDP, Sultan Haitham requested the arrangement of a board worried about considering the pandemic's economic effect, with its first measures including offering sans interest advances to battling organizations experiencing the lockdown.

According to the Oxford Business Group, 'Oman's oil stores to creation apportion was 15.2 years in 2017', much lower than some other Gulf governments except for Bahrain. Expanding the economy away from oil had effectively started under Haitham's definition of Oman Vision 2040.

It is evident that Oman's economy has come in the crosshair of the pandemic like various other countries. Oman, like other countries, has taken excellent steps to get the Sultanate back on track without delay.

Also, the consistent efforts to diversify from the oil-based economy shows promising results. Only time will tell how successfully Oman manages to come out of this storm.

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