Influence of Women Entrepreneurs in the UAE Financial Sector

 Women Entrepreneurs in the UAE Financial Sector

The UAE's changing economic environment brings about opportunities, progress, and new travels for individuals worldwide. 

A new wave of women is breaking down barriers and defying conventional standards in the financial sector as they take on key responsibilities.

So what do these women entrepreneurs have to say on the topic? 

Let’s find out in this blog.

The most recent episode of WKND Conversations, which aired on August 5 in the UAE, featured some of these accomplished women making their mark in the field and emphasized the opportunities available to aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Chandnee Kaurani, a yoga and wellness coach began the event at Taikun Dubai in Al Habtoor City, which was held in collaboration with BlueChip Group of Companies, with much-needed sound meditation and healing session. So this is your chance. If you also want to open a yoga centre in the UAE, go for it.

The first panel, divided into two halves, featured Jean Shahdadpuri, Roshal Mascarenhas, Nuha Hashem, and Shivani Kamboj. They discussed the expanding influence and significance of women in the economic environment. 

Nitin Bhalla, Nameer Khan, Mo Ali Yusuf, and Shashvat Rajput made up the second panel, discussing prospects for the nation. Mohammad Al Banna, the group CEO and founder of Lead Ventures, was the honoree. 

Amiee Misobbah, a model and actress, was a special guest. In addition, Suraj Jumani, the chief operations officer at the BlueChip Group of Companies, addressed the audience before the panel discussion.

The reasons the UAE market is tempting to the younger generation were highlighted by Jean Shahdadpuri, managing director of Nikai. The UAE's distinctive and forward-thinking perspective makes it so intriguing. 

The growth and evolution rate, the government's infrastructure, the "yes" attitude toward everything, and the growth curve. That motivates innovators and younger individuals to move more quickly. So awaken your entrepreneurial venture right away.

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Since males have traditionally held power over money and occupied the position at the head of the table, women have only recently begun to pursue careers in finance. However, more and more financially powerful women are assuming the reins today. This is because women are capable of so much, Mascarenhas added.

Higher demand for communication and the ability to meet new people and skills wherever you go comes along with financial potential. Meeting unique individuals every day and discovering new skills is a tremendous learning experience and offers me the opportunity to meet beautiful ladies, said Shivani Kamboj, portfolio manager at BlueChip. 

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Living in the era of instantaneous communication and technology is whether Gen Z is connected with anything. So the UAE is a perfect spot to launch our enterprise in the Middle East region because of all the encouragement from entrepreneurs in the UAE, according to Nuha Hashem, co-founder of Zywa, the first neobank for youths in the Middle East and North Africa region.

The panel also addressed the regional potential and what the UAE has to offer to grow and expand in the area. When someone enters the region, one of the main questions is why they would want to come and start in the UAE.

Mo Ali Yusuf, another panellist with prominence in fintech and a regional manager at, was also present. "Most of those payments in the UAE, whether the Netflix payments or anything else, are going via's platform if anyone books a cab in Dubai, meals, or retail purchasing, he continued.

The financial sector may be terrifying and hazardous at times, but BlueChip ensures that its employees are adequately schooled in it. For example, according to Shashvat Rajput, 99% of clients in the Forex sector lose their money. So they wanted to teach them in a way that they earn money in the industry and are knowledgeable about and trained in the market.

So if you want to incorporate your business in the UAE, this is your call.

The financial sector is ever-growing and paving different ways for female entrepreneurs. 

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1. What percentage do women represent in the UAE workforce?


2. How much do women entrepreneurs add to the global wealth pool?

$ 5 trillion.

3. What is the women entrepreneurs’ scenario in the UAE?

Analysis has also revealed that if gender imbalance among entrepreneurs is eliminated, the area may have an annual economic benefit of $600 billion, or $2.7 trillion by 2025.