Insurance Schemes for Golden Visa Holders in the UAE

Are you a golden visa holder in the UAE? Looking for insurance schemes?

Well, then you will be eligible for special health insurance schemes.

Yes, you read it right.

So go on and read the blog to know more.

According to industry leaders, Golden Visa holders may choose basic insurance coverage with yearly costs starting at less than Dh1, 000.

However, those with long-term residence choose to opt for international policies, individualized plans, and separate health insurance for themselves and their family instead of including it in their employer's benefits package.

In order to reach the high-net-worth individuals, insurance packages are being introduced as the number of UAE residents with Golden Visas grows daily.

The Insurance Plans for Golden Visa UAE Holders

According to the National Health Insurance Company (Daman), a primary health insurance provider in the UAE, the yearly premium for those with Golden Visas starts as low as Dh2, 393, with a coverage maximum of up to Dh300, 000. 

Over 65,000 people have reportedly acquired Golden Visas in Dubai. Daman's Golden Visa policy has a one-year expiration date and is renewable annually.

The National Health Insurance Company (Daman) is the first business in the United Arab Emirates to offer a health insurance plan created especially for those with Golden Visas. 

While Premier package starts at Dh39, 857 with a Dh20 million annual restriction, and the Enhanced Gold package starts at Dh4 985 with a Dh2.5 million yearly limit. Additionally, on vacations or business trips outside of the UAE, the packages offer 180-day coverage.

The plan also includes 180 days of coverage for vacations and business travels outside the United Arab Emirates.

In Dubai, the Golden Visa has been granted to more than 65,000 businesses, professionals, students, and investors.

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The Abu Dhabi Residents Office (Adro) and health insurance companies struck a contract in March 2022 to offer Golden Visa holders special privileges in the UAE's capital city.

According to the deal, holders of Golden Visas will benefit from lower yearly health insurance costs for families and individuals, as well as a variety of network coverage options and a number of advantages both within and outside the United Arab Emirates.

For the benefit of people applying inside and outside the nation, the Department of Health - Abu Dhabi (DoH) amended the health insurance criteria for Golden Visa applicants in October.

Health insurance and Golden Visa issuance guidelines were divided into two primary groups. The first category was set aside for workers in Abu Dhabi, whose employers are still responsible for paying for their health insurance.

The second group of residents comprises those who are self-employed and must apply for health insurance for themselves and their families, as well as make sure that the insurance is valid for the entire time they will be living in the UAE.

By the end of 2022, more insurers will likely provide specific health insurance policies to Golden Visa holders, according to Neeraj Gupta, CEO of Policybazaar.

According to Gupta, people with Golden Visas typically desire immediate access to comprehensive health insurance coverage for themselves and their families, preferably at a discount or with additional features.

Golden Visa holders choose a more comprehensive plan with extra dental and vision care benefits. He said they purchase different health insurance packages for themselves and their family. They also search for package bargains that are applicable inside and outside the UAE.

So by now, you know about the whole insurance package offered for those holding a golden visa in the UAE. 

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1. Who is eligible for a golden visa in Abu Dhabi?

Investors, entrepreneurs, students, exceptionally talented individuals like doctors, scientists etc.

2. How many types of golden visa are there?

10 year golden visa
5 year golden visa

3. What is the eligibility of a 10 year golden visa?

No less than AED 10 million in public investments, either through deposits or through a corporation.

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