Is it Feasible to Open a Seychelles Offshore Company

Open a Seychelles Offshore Company

Seychelles has gained an enviable reputation as one of the world's most attractive and secure jurisdictions. The main reasons a company is formed offshore are to do business in another country or hold assets there.

If you are an entrepreneur seeking a haven for your offshore company, the island of Seychelles has what you need. Located 890 nautical miles east of Africa and northeast of Madagascar, this country is one of the leaders in offshore business registration. The Seychelles economy is growing at a pace that is faster than any other economy in East Africa. Find out more about Seychelles offshore company registration in this blog further. 

A Glance at Seychelles

Seychelles is a popular offshore jurisdiction representing a central part of the international offshore system. It is the most popular among corporations and individuals. The country accords personal freedom, human rights, and privacy to those who decide to set up their business there.

Seychelles has a highly attractive tax system that makes it very attractive for international investors. In addition, the high quality of life, the availability of a reliable workforce, the active regulatory environment, and its minimal crime rate all contribute to the country's image as one of the best offshore jurisdictions in the world.

Benefits of Seychelles Offshore Company Formation

There are many benefits of offshore Seychelles company formations, but the most important ones are:

  • Free access to international capital markets
  • 100% legal protection for shareholders, directors, and company employees
  • Secure tax planning and structuring
  • Favourable operating environment and government

After reading the benefits, if you are interested in starting an offshore company, explore how to start Seychelles IBC.

What Makes Seychelles a Welcoming Jurisdiction?

Seychelles has one of the most transparent legal frameworks in the world, an experienced cadre of credible and respected legal practitioners, and a flexible and accommodating approach to legislative amendments.

Seychelles' favorable legal and fiscal conditions are particularly attractive to businesses involved in the following kinds of commercial activities:

  • Stock brokerage and FOREX brokerage
  • Inherited property management funds
  • Investment consulting and other types of consulting
  • Intellectual property management
  • E-commerce
  • Property storage services

Types of Company Ownership Available in Seychelles

An International Business Company, or IBC, is the region's most common business ownership. Additionally, businesses with different forms of ownership may register there; for example, their names may end in Incorporated, Limited, Corporation, BV, GmbH, SARL, or another abbreviation. Learn more about Seychelles offshore company incorporation.

Moreover, the other forms of company ownership in Seychelles include the following ones:

  • Limited Partnership
  • Trust
  • Special License Company

Our Role

At Business Setup Worldwide, we take cautiousness of the necessity to provide our valued clients with the greatest business incorporation solutions. In addition, our business professionals can assist you in establishing your offshore business in Seychelles since they are familiar with the procedure. So, contact us right away; we'd be happy to help.


What are the types of activities that require a business license in Seychelles?

The types of activities that need a business license are,
Investment services

What are the types of documents required to open a bank account in Seychelles?

The bank accounts required to open a bank account in Seychelles are
Account application forms
Bank statements
Bank reference letter
Certified copies of personal identity documents, including valid passports and residency proofs, within three months for all directors/ shareholders/ account signatories
Business plan
Copies of Seychelles company documents
Certificate of Incumbency

What are the easy steps to incorporate a company in Seychelles?

The steps required to incorporate a company in Seychelles are
Fill out an application form
Upload your documents
Registering the company
Opening a bank account
Company Kit Dispatch

How many minimum numbers of directors were required in Seychelles offshore company?

There was one minimum number of directors required in Seychelles offshore company formation.

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