MOA and AOA for Offshore Company Formation

offshore company formation

Documents are a must and probably the most essential thing in the company incorporation process. You need to submit the correct documents for government approval; otherwise, the approval can get canceled sometimes. Now, when it comes to an offshore company formation, the most important documents are MOA (Memorandum of Association) and AOA (Articles of Association). These are the preliminary documents for offshore company formation that you must submit. 

So what are the Company MOA and AOA?

Let's find out in this blog.

Memorandum of Association (MOA) of a Company

The MOA is a legal document for a company that mentions all the fundamental information about the company. The company fundamentals include the company's objectives, shares distribution, business activities, and the relationship with the company authority and the outside world. An MOA is a must and the first document to draft for offshore company formation. The MOA should also mention all the acts undertaken by the company. An MOA must be divided into some clauses mentioned below according to the Companies Act, which is as follows:

  • Name Clause

In the first clause, the name of the company should be mentioned. 

  • Objective Clause

In this clause, the company's aims and motives or objectives should be mentioned.

  • Situation Clause

The registered office address is mentioned in the situation clause. 

  • Association and Subscription Clause

This portion of the clause basically covers the company shares, the allotment of the company shares, and the shareholders' details will be mentioned in this clause. 

  • Liability Clause

As the clause name suggests, this portion is designed to mention the liabilities of the shareholders, directors, and other company members. 

  • Capital Clause 

In the capital clause, the total share capital of the company, the minimum paid-up share capital, and the company assets are mentioned. 

Articles of Association (AOA) of a Company

The AOA is a legal document for offshore company setup registration that mentions the internal relationships of the company people. This document mainly drafts the duties and powers, and responsibilities of the company members. The AOA mainly states the internal affairs of the members. The AOA is governed by the MOA. Therefore the clause content of an AOA is similar to the MOA of a company which is as follows:

  • Share Capital
  • Transfer records of shares
  • Transmission of shares
  • Share warrant
  • Regulations for conducting any General meetings
  • Details of company Accounts and audits
  • Voting rights of members 
  • Details of the director's qualifications, appointment, powers, remuneration, duties, etc., and many more. 

The Difference between the MOA & AOA of a Company

  • MOA describes the objectives, constitutions, and constraints of the company, whereas the AOA defines the rules and regulations of the company.
  • There are five necessary contents for the MOA of any company, and the company's requirements determine the number of contents for the AOA section.
  • The alteration in the MOA and AOA can be done after special approval by the Annual General Meeting. However, the MOA alteration needs government approval afterward. 
  • The MOA cannot be amended retrospectively, which is not the same case for the AOA.
  • The MOA is mandatory for offshore company formation, whereas the AOA is only sometimes mandatory. Specific organization structure only demands the MOA, not the AOA. 

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Can the MOA and AOA be customized for an offshore company?

Yes, the MOA and AOA can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the offshore jurisdiction where the company is being formed. While there may be specific standard clauses or provisions may need to be included, it is essential to consult with legal professionals or company formation experts who are knowledgeable about the specific offshore jurisdiction's regulations to ensure compliance.

Can the MOA and AOA be amended or changed after the company is formed?

Yes, the MOA and AOA can be amended or changed after the company is formed. However, the process and requirements for amending these documents may vary depending on the offshore jurisdiction. In general, amendments require the approval of the shareholders or members, and in some cases, the support of regulatory authorities may be necessary.

Can the MOA and AOA be in any language for an offshore company?

The language requirements for MOA and AOA depend on the offshore jurisdiction. Understanding the specific language requirements of the chosen offshore jurisdiction and ensuring compliance is essential.

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