New Addition to the Golden Visa UAE

Do you have a 10-year golden visa in the UAE?

You need to be aware of some changes with the new additions to the golden visa.

Read the blog to find out about those.

Along with other changes, the new 10-year visas will take effect in September 2022. 

To draw in the top talent in the world, the UAE has announced significant changes to its Golden Visa programme.

Along with other visa modifications, the enlarged categories of 10-year visas will take effect starting next month. In addition, no age restriction applies to the number of family members or domestic help visa holders may sponsor.

It's important to note that the Golden Visa can be used for up to six months outside of the UAE without any restrictions.

The Categories Added in Golden Visa in the UAE

Some categories have been newly added to the golden visa scheme, which is as follows:

Real Estate Investors

The Golden Visa is available to investors who make at least Dh2 million investments. In addition, the Golden Visa is now available to investors who purchase real estate using a mortgage from a local bank. Investors who purchase properties off-plan may also qualify. 

So if you intend to open your real estate business in any emirates in the UAE, here are some tips for generating a new real estate business


According to the new regulations, startup investors may also qualify for a Golden Visa if their business is established domestically, qualifies as an SME, and has annual revenues of Dh1 million or more.

This is your chance to build your dreams and start your entrepreneurial voyage right away. Dubai is considered a hub for entrepreneurs. Learn more about what are the business opportunities for entrepreneurs in Dubai

Exceptional Individuals

Many skilled foreigners wishing to settle in the UAE would profit from this category. Talented individuals in the fields of art, culture, digital technology, athletics, innovation, medicine, law, and other areas are eligible to apply under this category. 

It's important to note that the 10-year visa is only granted based on skill. Therefore, it depends on a professional level, work situation, monthly wage, or educational background. In addition, it needs the endorsement or consent of a national or regional governing body.


Scientists and researchers with PhDs or Masters's Degrees in engineering, technology, life sciences, or the natural sciences from the top universities in the world are eligible for this visa. He or she ought to be supported by the Emirates Scientists Council.

Workers with Skills

Applicants must be employed legally in the UAE and have a level one or two vocations determined by the Ministry of Human Resources Emiratisation. The required minimum monthly wage has been decreased from Dh50, 000 to Dh30, 000. The employee also needs a bachelor's degree.

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What are the documents required to obtain the golden visa in Abu Dhabi for real estate investors?

Emirates ID
Bank deposit evidence
Investment evidence

2. Can one apply for the golden visa online?


3. What are the benefits of the golden visa?

No sponsor is required.
An entry visa in the country will be applicable for 6 months
Renewable residence for up to 10 years

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