New Legal Framework for CFD and Forex Brokers in the Bahamas

CFD and Forex Brokers

Bahamas is one of the most admired landing places for foreign exchange and CFD brokers, with the nation's supervisory body, the Securities Commission (SC) of the Bahamas. But now the Bahamas is about to bring a set of new regulations which impose restrictions on leverage.

The Government of The Bahamas has emphasized the proposed rule on the 27th of May 2020. The SC will be enacting the leverage restrictions of 200:1.

A maximum of 200:1 leverage will be implemented to all primary Contract for Difference (CFD) assets, excluding crypto-currencies that the supervisory body will institute on a case-by-case basis. Brokers will need to guarantee a retail client account's net equity doesn't drop below 50%.

New regulation demands that trading in dual options will be outlawed for retail clients, and also the SC will put restrictions on retail incentives, where bribery and bonuses will be forbidden, and negative account balance security will be mandatory. In association with these changes, forex business members will be required to allot an accountable person who will manage the company and ensure the company remains in conformity to the law.

Other reporting prerequisites will be implemented precisely on the subject of CFD transactions and standardized risk warnings and arrangements, which is akin to requirements announced by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). Taking specimens from ESMA and other European regulators who have mainly followed its marshal, the SC has clamped down problems that they considered vital, aggressive marketing and other wrong operations, shorn of significantly condensed leverage.

For the sake of discovering better trading circumstances, a lot of forex traders started to pull out from Europe due to ESMA enactments, which circumscribed leverage and marketing actions. Consequently, many dealers ended up procuring a license from the SC of the Bahamas.

Considering the growth of these proceedings, online trading has thrived over the past few years in the Bahamas, which has been only advantageous for the country. New rules are observed as more workable than in Europe but not as liberated as most offshore jurisdictions, building more welcoming environments for brokers and their clients. The offshore jurisdictions have taken several opportunities to widen its arms and allow business investors to deal with forex business.

The Executive Committee Member of the Bahamas Investment & Securities Business Association (BISBA), Andrew Rolle, stated these modifications and said that the purpose is to help outline a monitoring environment where industry booms within the framework guarding the jurisdiction's reputation. The new rules are envisioned to gratify consumers' demands for protection and encourage more brokers to select the Bahamas as their nation of choice.

For the Bahamas, this leads to ensuring growth within the securities industry and job creation. Following administrative changes, the SC will permit expert clients who will not be subject to the least possible margin requirements.

A CFD firm can elect a client as an expert client only after the company has assessed the client to ascertain their proficiency, experience, and knowledge of CFDs and confirm that they apprehend the nature of the transactions or services. It will be essential for professional clients to meet two out of the three following states:

  • The client has accomplished transactions, in substantial size, on the appropriate market at an average frequency of 10 transactions per quarter over the prior four quarters.
  • The scope of the client's financial instrument assortment, plus cash deposits and financial instruments, surpasses $500,000;
  • The client works in the financial sector for no less than one year in a professional position, which needs knowledge of the foreseen transactions or services.

The guideline changes in this form will have a constructive effect on the industry within the Bahamas. They will promote the country as a consequential and concurrently friendly jurisdiction for trading as well.

From our point of observation, these changes could stretch, not just a positive influence on the local industry. Still, it could be a positive outcome on the forex industry in entirety, since other jurisdictions with inaccurately defined CFDs could follow the Bahamas case.

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Nevertheless, even though the Bahamas could look like a good destination for FX business undertakings, there are still nations in the world where you can acquire the license for FX service, devoid of any leverage restrictions.

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