New Waste Management Facility in Sharjah to Produce Alternative Green Fuel

New Waste Management Facility in Sharjah to Produce Alternative Green Fuel

A new Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) plant has been added to BEEAH Recycling's state-of-the-art, integrated waste management complex in Al Sajaa, Sharjah, which is part of the BEEAH Group.

In cement plants, where the fuel will be fed into the kilns while the cement is being made, the SRF facility will convert commercial residual trash into high-quality alternative green fuel.

The facility is one of ten recycling centers run and managed by BEEAH Recycling that has helped the emirate divert 76% of its waste from landfills, the highest rate in the Middle East. The SRF facility will hopefully contribute to an even more remarkable rise in landfill waste diversion in Sharjah.

The CEO of BEEAH Recycling, Daker El-Rabaya, said about the new plant: "This recycling facility realized the dual benefits of improving landfill waste rate diversion and lowering carbon emissions for the cement production business. 

It is a significant step forward for our recycling company, which is committed to achieving zero waste in landfill and a circular economy. They are trying to expand the effect by creating specialized green alternative fuels.

"BEEAH Recycling pioneered the recovery of valuable material from virtually all sorts of garbage in the region to set a new benchmark for integrated zero waste solutions. Through advanced recycling techniques, we are fostering a circular economy and demonstrating that it is not only advantageous to the environment but also financially viable. Gate fees are entirely unrelated to the SRF facility's business strategy, according to El-Rabaya.

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The SRF Facility's approach to waste processing is unique to the area. It generates a high-value, low-moisture, low-chlorine alternative green fuel that is more environmentally friendly and emits fewer greenhouse gases than coal, which is usually used to make cement. The SRF facility can produce 250 tons of alternative green fuel daily or 85,000 tons annually.

A deal has been made for Sharjah Cement to obtain 73,000 tonnes of alternative green fuel annually from the SRF plant near BEEAH Recycling Waste Management Complex.

Sharjah Cement CEO Pravinchandra Batavia stated, "It is a great pleasure to sign this contract with BEEAH Recycling. As a result, we will be able to successfully achieve production targets, get closer to our sustainability goals, promote a circular economy, and help reduce emissions by employing this high-efficiency green coal substitute."

The SRF plant completed hundreds of tests over two years before service. As a result, the SRF has already created hundreds of tones of alternative green fuel for test firing using waste leftover from commercial sources and other BEEAH Recycling plants. Several international laboratories further carried out tests to confirm viability and quality requirements.

The SRF plant is BEEAH Recycling's most recent endeavor to reduce garbage directed to landfills, promote the circular economy, and develop alternative fuels made from waste that have fewer emissions. 

BEEAH Recycling is realizing zero waste to landfill and building a sustainable, circular economy model in the UAE, the region, and beyond by continuously improving its waste processing facilities and diversifying it into waste-derived fuels.

So nature conservation is one crucial factor that the UAE has focused on for a long time.

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AED 5000.

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