Nominee Director Services in Qatar

Starting a business in Qatar is a guaranteed way of achieving success in the Middle East region provided you understand the business environment and offer your services, products to your customers. The laws regarding foreign direct investment into Qatar has been toned own to encourage and increase the number of international investors investing in Qatar. The country with its excellent infrastructure, effective legal system, robust financial sector and fast economic growth has attracted investors and business people from far and wide across the world.

The State of Qatar as a sovereign Arab nation as encouraged investors and entrepreneurs to start their business operations in the country. Consequently, the government has implemented laws which instigate foreign businesses and investors to invest, operate in the country. The state along with the concerned ministries have formulated policies that facilitate streamlined business incorporation in the country and designated the level of foreign partnership & local partnership required for each type of business activity.

Who is a Nominee Director?

A Nominee Director is also known as the "Resident Director" is a citizen of the State of Qatar, who acts as a representative or partner or director for a business or company with foreign investment in Qatar within a controlled business sector. According to the Qatari business laws, a hundred per cent foreign investment and ownership is allowed for the majority of business types, based on their sector of operations, target market while the restricted sectors of business might require special permission from the government officials or the concerned Ministry or needs a certain level of partnership with a Qatari national who is known as the “Nominee Director” officially.

Why do you need a Nominee Director in Qatar?

The core restricted business sectors that are determined by the Qatar government are companies and businesses that directly deal with the Qatari people. To access the Qatar market for their registered business operations, the foreign-owned companies are required by the law to have a Qatari citizen as a partner or director for the business with a significant percentage of shares to be owned by the Qatari national and remaining by any foreign investor before registering the company with the Ministry.

Hence, the Qatari national who accepts the request from a foreign investor or entrepreneur for affiliating with the Qatar Company started by the foreigner in the restricted sector (i.e., Business activities which needs Qatar national) as a partner or investor or director is officially known as the Nominee director for a foreign business in the State of Qatar.

How to get a Nominee Director in Qatar?

Getting a Nominee director in Qatar allows you to perform business operations in the restricted sectors in the State of Qatar legally according to laws. These partnerships with a Qatari national can be designed flexibly according to the type of business in Qatar, based explicitly on the prescribed rules according to the business and corporate laws in the State. The selection of a Nominee director in Qatar has specific requirements which are specified in the Qatar laws, which mentions certain guidelines, criteria for selecting Qatari nationals as "Nominee Directors" in position as the business partners or investors or resident directors for your foreign-owned business.

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