Obtain an Aviation Consultancy License for Company Formation in the UAE

Obtain an Aviation Consultancy License for Company Formation in the UAE

The aviation industry in the UAE has seen huge growth in the past few years, due to which the opportunities for growth in this domain are endless. According to the International Trade Administration, the Aviation industry generated 800,000 jobs in 2019 and since then, the number has continued to increase.

The UAE government invested $8.1 billion in Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai and $7.6 billion in the 4th phase of the Dubai International  Airport Expansion process. It is safe to say that investing in an aviation business setup in UAE will be a profitable business for you.

Aviation Consultancy in UAE – Scope of Operations

Before you setup business in UAE, make sure you have all the knowledge about the industry. Aviation company incorporation in the UAE has a broad scope in terms of business opportunities. Here is a list of tasks which can be explored if you possess an aviation consultancy license in the UAE:

  • Ground Services
  • Training and Development
  • Infrastructure Development 
  • Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • 3-D printing and Additive Manufacturing 
  • Maintenance, Repair and Aircraft Hangar Services

The Aviation Consultancy License in UAE facilitates aircraft maintenance, purchase,  sale, and other related activities. It will also aid in maintaining and managing private jets and other aviation-related equipment.

A growing number of high-net-worth individuals in the UAE use private jet charter services regularly. In addition, business investors consistently demand helicopter and jetliner leisure trips. This shows that there is a huge market in this industry.

The Requirements for Obtaining UAE Aviation Consultancy License

You must be very careful about company formation in UAE in the aviation sector. The following requirements for starting a business must be fulfilled.

  • You must possess a significant initial investment capital
  • The employees must have sufficient training and technical expertise in the field.
  • You must use only certified equipment for the business operation.
  • You have to use business contracts and partnerships with other companies. 

Free Zones in UAE for Obtaining an Aviation Consultancy License

There are a couple of free zones in which you can register a company in the UAE aviation sector. Learn more about the freezones below:

Dubai Airport Free Zone

Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) is one of the top-rated free zones to set up aviation business in the UAE. This Free Zone provides state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities, such as office space, warehouses, and manufacturing units for aviation-related businesses. These facilities make the free zone a perfect place to conduct your aviation business activity without any hassle. 

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF) is located near the Sharjah International Airport. SAIF offers perfect features for aviation to set up business in UAE. There is a separate maintenance section in the freezone which will assist aviation-based companies in incorporation. 

How Can We Help?

Experts at Business Setup Worldwide will assist you with aviation business setup in UAE. We will help you in determining the right free zone for your business. Contact us to avail our services and operate successfully in the region. Start your company and enjoy the benefits.


What is DCAA approval?

Customers of this service can obtain a No Objection Certificate for Building Heights and Elevation within the Emirate of Dubai, protecting aviation flights in Dubai Airports and Emirates of Dubai Airspace.

How much does it cost to get aviation license in Dubai?

The fees are exclusive of UAE-VAT, which will be added on top of them, and are AED 77,000/- (AED Seventy Thousand Only).

How do I become an Aviation Consultant?

A bachelor's degree in airport management or aviation management is a good place to start. After that, you can submit an application for employment with any airline. A master's degree in aviation management is an option for candidates seeking advancement.

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