Offshore banking – A New Step to Financial Security

Financial Security

An offshore bank may be a bank situated outside the country of residence of the investor, generally, in a low tax jurisdiction (or Tax haven), that has money and legal blessings. These advantages typically include Greater privacy.

 Reasons Why You Wish to Bank in an Offshore Jurisdiction

  • Higher Returns in International Investments
  • Economic and Political Stability
  • Generate Higher Interest Rates in an Offshore Checking Account
  • Sound Banking Systems in Foreign Jurisdictions
  • Foreign Banks have Higher Liquidity
  • Hold Multiple Currencies in Your Account
  • Quality  Protection from unscrupulous lawsuits
  • Higher Levels of Bank Confidentiality

Benefits of Offshore Banking: Why You Wish an Offshore Account

The benefits of offshore banking are as follows-

  1. Offshore Investments and International Markets

Many international and offshore funds generate a lot of higher returns through Personal Hedge Funds and investment portfolios not readily available to domestic company account holders.

  1. Economic and Political Stability

There is a great deal of political and economic uncertainty within the world. Countries ruled by dictators or corrupt, autocratic regimes face huge uncertainties that build money security untenable.

  1. High-Interest Rates

In foreign offshore accounts, one will expect a far higher interest rate than found in your native checking accounts in the US or UK, for example.

  1. Sound Banking System

It is vital to make sure your assets are stored in a sound banking jurisdiction. Putting your wealth in a secure, and more importantly, the time-tested banking system is extremely vital.

Foreign banks are a much safer alternative; for one, they need higher capital reserves than many banks in the US and UK.

  1. Diversify Wealth and Investments

Opening an account in a foreign jurisdiction helps to ensure your freedom by being freelance from a central authority. Being dependent upon one country or system makes you dependent upon its success.

  1. Access to Bigger Liquidity

Offshore banks are much more liquid than traditional commercial, domestic banks in your native country. Some offshore banks, for instance, do not lead out any cash and keep 100% of all deposits on hand. Foreign accounts also allow you to access and move large amounts of funds faster.

  1. Multiple Currencies

Domestic accounts usually hold all of your assets in a single currency. While many private accounts limit your ability in holding other currency denominations, accounts in Hong Kong or Singapore, for instance, allow you to have upwards of a dozen currencies to select from all within just one account.

  1. Asset Protection

Money and assets that are kept offshore are much harder to seize because foreign governments do not have any jurisdiction and therefore, cannot force banks to do anything. Offshore Bank accounts are just creating checks and balances on a system that has gone out of control.

  1. Banking Privacy

Anonymous offshore bank accounts are no longer around. Though there are still many layers of security and privacy that can be used to protect your name, however, properly structuring an individual, or corporate offshore account with an offshore LLC, Limited Company or Trust can give a measure of confidentiality that cannot be found in any individual domestic account.

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