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Offshore Company Guide in Nevis

An offshore company in Nevis is also called an International Business Company or "IBC", and it is tax-exempt on all income earned from anyplace in the world except Nevis island. Yet, U.S. citizens and others from countries taxing worldwide income must report total income to their national tax authorities. Nevis has a stable government, and it shows no significant disputes with neighbouring nations. The more popular entity because of its exceptional asset protection and tax flow-through benefits is the Nevis LLC. For the vast majority, it is much more beneficial from a tax and asset protection perspective than the Nevis corporation.

A Nevis offshore company is an extremely flexible jurisdiction for potential individuals and business seeking to incorporate offshore. Nevis offers the world-class infrastructure for offshore services, as well as appealing retirement and residency incentives in an idealized tropical location, making it an attractive jurisdiction for offshore formation.

Nevis has quickly become one of the most beneficial and favoured offshore company in the world. Along with the IBC, the Nevis LLC is also another highly favoured corporation structure. The accommodating and open offshore environment has made Nevis IBCs an exceptional product due to simple offshore regulations and ease of formation procedures. The country boasts having some of the most secure IBC laws in the world, which ensure client confidentiality and privacy with low financial risk, making Nevis a top destination in the offshore market. When choosing an offshore domicile, these following factors should be considered and are provided for when you form a Nevis LLC or Corporation:

  • Accessibility of Offshore Haven
  • Confidentiality and Anonymity Provided by Statute
  • Excellent Communication Facilities
  • Governments Policy of Maintaining Offshore Haven Status
  • Political Stability
  • Tax Exemption Provided by Statute for an Offshore Corporation in Nevis

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Offshore Company Corporate Details

Company Shares

A Nevis offshore company is allowed bearer shares and shares with no par value.

Required Capital

A Nevis offshore company has no minimum capital requirement.

Financial Statements Required

A Nevis offshore company doesn't need to file any statements, nor is their audit requirements. However, a company must keep financial records.


A Nevis offshore company requires a minimum of one Director.

Company Secretary

A Nevis offshore company must appoint a secretary, which can be an individual or a corporate entity and does not need to be qualified or a resident.


A Nevis offshore company requires a minimum of one shareholder.

Registered Office Required

A registered office must keep Nevis, though a physical presence is not necessary.

Name Restrictions

Any name that is identical to an existing company or any name that is deemed undesirable suggests illegal activity or any name that may imply government patronage by the register.

Language of Name

A Nevis offshore company name can be in any language which uses the Latin alphabet. If it is in a foreign language, then the register may request an English translation.

Requiring a Special License

A Nevis offshore company must obtain a license if the business is engaged in activities related to bank, building society, assurance, reinsurance, savings, loans, insurance, fund management, investment fund, municipal, Chamber of Commerce, or university.


All of the affairs of a Nevisian offshore company are private and cannot disclose except under truly extraordinary circumstances. The only document that needs to file with the government is the annual corporate license, and this contains minimal information.

Bearer Shares

Nevisian corporate ownership can remain anonymous via the use of bearer shares. Bearer shares can issue to a nominee who assigns them to the owners, and ownership is entirely private.

Exchange Control

There are no exchange controls in Nevis offshore companies locating in or investing in the country. An offshore company investing in the Nevis economy is known as an International Business Corporation, or IBC.

Advantages of an Offshore Company in Nevis

There are many advantages in forming an offshore company in Nevis. A Nevis IBC offers:

  • 100% foreign ownership: Foreigners can own all the shares in a Nevis IBC.
  • Total privacy: Directors and Shareholders names are anonymous and not part of any public records. Nominee shareholders, directors, and officers are permitted.
  • Limited liability: A shareholder's liability is limited to the capital investment.
  • No taxes: IBC's don't pay any taxes. Note that U.S. taxpayers and everyone obliged to pay income taxes on global income must declare all income to their tax agency.
  • Fast registration: It takes one business day to incorporate an IBC.
  • No auditing or accounting requirements: IBC's are free to establish any accounting standards or auditing requirements.
  • Minimum share capital: Currently, the required minimum share capital is USD 1.
  • No required authorized capital: There is no required minimum authorized capital.
  • English: Since being a former U.K. colony, English is its official language.

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