Open an Offshore Company in Dubai

Offshore company formation in the UAE is by far the most popular business setting option. An offshore corporation is a foreign corporate entity that pays no or very little tax.

They also provide the best solutions for business management, wealth management, clever foreign investment strategies, and the convenience and independence of corporate operations.

Offshore firms are enterprises registered in Dubai but are allowed to have their headquarters in areas outside of the city. Limited liability corporations, limited companies, and limited partnerships are all options for forming an offshore company in Dubai.

Offshore Company Setup in Dubai

An offshore corporation is a legal entity formed to conduct business outside its registered jurisdiction and ultimate ownership location.

Forming an offshore company in the UAE is an appropriate, tax-efficient, and cost-effective corporate structure for businesses that want to undertake worldwide commerce.

An offshore company in Dubai is also known as a non-resident paper firm. It allows international entrepreneurs to do business in Africa and the Middle East without worrying about administrative hassles. Furthermore, company investors can operate on a global level through an offshore bank account.

Advantages of Dubai Offshore Company Incorporation

Confidentiality: During the offshore company establishment procedure, no information about the business's owners is revealed. Offshore company registrations are appropriate for international investors who want to keep their business operations anonymous in the UAE.

Business Facilities: Foreign investors have complete control over the offshore corporations they establish in Dubai. Furthermore, unlike other company forms in the UAE, investors do not need a physical address.

Tax benefits: The UAE area has traditionally attracted foreign investors due to its favorable tax policy. Offshore business forms, for example, profit from the absence of corporate income tax.

Bank Account: Offshore corporations are permitted to have multi-currency bank accounts, which enable international commercial transactions while also ensuring money protection. 

Your offshore company formation expert will assist you in selecting the finest multi-currency banking services provider in the UAE and establishing the necessary bank accounts.

How to Incorporate Dubai Offshore Company

The Emirate of Dubai provides a number of locations where business owners may establish an offshore corporation. Three offshore sites are popular in the UAE:

1. Select the Business Activity

Because you want to start an offshore business, the first step is to figure out what kind of business you want to start. What type of service or product do you want to provide? Having a thorough understanding of the same would assist you in properly understanding the target market.

2. Finalize the Business Structure

It is critical to choose a suitable legal entity when forming a company since it will have a significant influence on the firm, which includes:

  • International Business Company (IBC)
  • Offshore Trust
  • Offshore Corporation
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Unlimited Company
  • Company Limited by Guarantee

3. Choose the Business Name

The company name should correspond to the commercial activity of the company. Make sure that the chosen business name is distinct and does not sound similar to the names of other companies in the industry.

4. Submit the Company Documents

Submit all the documents required for the company registration and make the MOA for the company.

5. Obtain a Business License

Creating an offshore corporation requires the acquisition of a business license or authorization. Then, the documents must be submitted to government officials for approval. Once cleared, commercial activity can proceed as planned.

6. Open an Offshore Bank Account

It is necessary to create an offshore bank account to do business successfully. On the other hand, business owners can open an offshore bank account in another country.

You may create a business bank account in Seychelles or the British Virgin Islands, for example, if you run an offshore company in Dubai.

Learn more about the benefits of Seychelles company formation with a bank account

Maintaining high-end security is one of the reasons why corporate shareholders do the same.

Documents Needed for Dubai Offshore Company

When it comes to forming a business, paperwork is crucial. Incorporating an offshore corporation now necessitates a unique collection of documentation.

For individual shareholders in the company-

  • Attested passport copies of the owner/shareholder
  • Residential proof
  • Original bank reference document
  • Details of the owner/shareholder
  • Preferred name of the company to be formed
  • Activities of the newly formed offshore company
  • The hierarchy of beneficiaries

For Corporate shareholders in the company-

  • Board resolution
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Parent company certificate mentioning the name of shareholders/directors and duly attested
  • Hierarchy of beneficiaries

If you are unfamiliar with legal procedures, moving forward with the business formation process may be tricky. However, not only does it assist in the resolution of difficulties, but a certified expert can also function as a guide and assist you in streamlining operations as needed.

We at Business Setup Worldwide can assist you if you are still unsure or sceptical about the procedure. Our licensed business consultants have extensive industry knowledge and can assist you in starting your business by delivering customized solutions.

Please contact us right away; we'd be pleased to help.


1. What is the business scenario in JAFZA?

8,700 business companies are there in JAFZA.

2. How many days does it take to get the pre-approval for an offshore bank opening in Dubai?

15-20 working days.

3. What is the cost of assistance in opening an offshore bank account in Dubai?

AED 2,950.

4. Do I have to be present during the offshore company incorporation process in Dubai?


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