Top 10 options to Start a Business in Dubai

start a business in dubai

Dubai is one of the most prosperous business destinations in the Middle East and in the whole world. According to Statista, the emirate has been ranked as the most crucial business destination in the world and came under 200 ranks in 2022. 

So if you are looking to start your own business in Dubai, this is the time. Check our blog to know about the top 10 most successful businesses to start in Dubai. 

E-commerce Business

The e-commerce industry in the UAE is ever-growing, with an annual growth rate of 7.7%. The online business doesn’t require a lot of spending compared to other businesses. Therefore the growth of an e-commerce business is high in the emirate, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic. Learn more about ecommerce license in Dubai, UAE and how to start ecommerce business in Dubai.

Travel and Tourism

Dubai’s tourism growth is going at the rate of 4.6% on an annual basis. The emirate has enough space for luxury hotels and resorts. You can start your business by starting any business hotel or luxury hotel. You can also start your own tourism business in Dubai or tour operators agencies. There are plenty of scopes for the travel and tourism business sector. 

Consultancy Service

The consultancy business sector also has different business aspects to offer, which include HR consulting services, legal consulting, and business consulting services. Since there are lots of people starting their businesses in Dubai, there is a need for business consultants. Therefore, consultancy services get popular in the emirate. 

Automotive Business

The demand for luxury cars or high influx is ongoing in Dubai. Therefore opening an automotive business will prove to be profitable. The emirate has a high gross domestic income, which means people can afford these automobile products. Additionally, the emirate has low fuel costs and favourable tax policies that attract consumers to buy all these automobile products. 

Event Management Business

Another business sector that is growing in Dubai is the event management business. Dubai, being one of the most vital emirates, held different events from all over the world. You can start your wedding planning business, event planning, exhibition or corporate event management business. 

Restaurant Business

The food business is one of the most basic businesses to start in Dubai. Since the travel sector is growing in the emirate, therefore the restaurant business is also doing good. You can open cafes, food trucks, food delivery services or dining restaurants. Dubai welcomes thousands of tourists every month, therefore, opening a restaurant business is a hit. Learn more about the restaurant license in Dubai, UAE.  

Health Sector

If you are a business investor or an entrepreneur, you have your scope in the health sector business. You can start your hospital, clinics, pharmaceutical companies, and many more. Dubai has such a strong and modern infrastructure with great facilities. Dubai’s healthcare sector grows at an 11.5% rate, with 52 hospitals and 1,325 pharmacies. Therefore starting any business in the healthcare sector will give you profits. 

Education and Training

Dubai puts extra concentration on quality training programs that create many business opportunities. The education market in the UAE is set to grow CAGR 5.55% from 2022 to 2027. There are many opportunities in the educational sector, such as starting language and vocational training schools, or you can start online education training centres. 

Real Estate Business

The real estate market in Dubai is ever-flourishing and provides a ton of opportunities for business investors and entrepreneurs. The emirate has both residential and commercial real estate plots. The real estate business growth is very high, so much so that Indian business investors, for example, have invested AED 83.62 in Dubai’s real estate.   

Beauty Salon Business

If you are a qualified beautician or want to start your own business, then Dubai is the ideal location for you. People living in Dubai have a high standard of living and prefer to take care of their looks. Therefore opening a beauty salon in the emirate would be one of the best business opportunities for you. 

How Can We Help?

You will need some business consultancies to start any business mentioned above in Dubai. Business Setup Worldwide is here to assist you in starting your dream business. Contact us for further details. 


How much does starting a business in Dubai cost?

AED 50,000 (approximately $13,600).

Is it easy to find investors for a business in Dubai?

Dubai has a thriving investment community with many investors looking for profitable business opportunities. However, finding investors for a business in Dubai requires a well-defined business plan, a solid market analysis, and a professional pitch.

What are Dubai's free zones, and how do they differ from the mainland?

Dubai's free zones are areas designated for foreign-owned businesses with tax exemptions and other incentives. Free zone companies can be 100% foreign-owned and enjoy complete privacy and asset protection. On the other hand, mainland companies are subject to UAE's commercial laws and require a local partner or sponsor with 51% ownership.

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