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Outsourcing Company Secretarial Services in Switzerland 2019

The business environment is dynamic and ever-changing. Every now and then there are new laws or rules which are applicable to your company. Thus, it is important to keep a check on the business environment even after starting a company in Switzerland and keep themselves updated regarding the latest rules and regulations of the government.

This is where a company secretary comes into play. A company secretary will see to it that the business conforms to the rules and regulations as set by the government of Switzerland. There are also various other benefits of having a company secretary.

Let’s us understand who is a company secretary and what role is performed by it.                           

Who is a Company Secretary?

Unlike the name, the role of a company secretary is not secretarial. It is a high-ranking post in any public or private company and is responsible for making sure that the company complies with the entire rule and regulations set by the government. The Company Secretary also represents the company in front of the shareholders and ensures that all the dividends of the company are paid on time. It is not necessary that the company secretary will have a post on the board of directors.

A company secretary is usually a professional who has a deep knowledge of the area and also the current business environment. They also need to keep themselves updated so that they could provide proper and apt services to the companies that hire them. They are a very important component for a business to have as they represent the company in the various forums all over the world.

Roles and Responsibilities

A company secretary is very important in keeping a check over the workings of the company and helping in achieving the goals of the company. The various roles and responsibilities of a company secretary are:

  • A company secretary acts as a very important link between the management and the shareholders and other regulatory authorities of the company
  • A company secretary would provide the management of the company with the required assistance and guidance so that the company grows and has a bright future
  • From time to time a Company secretary must conduct audits to ensure that the company is following all the rules and regulations as mentioned in the Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • It is the responsibility of a company secretary to keep records of all the information which could affect the company, its shareholders or its management in any capacity
  • It is a very important task of the company secretary that he must coordinate all the different meetings of the management and should record the minutes of the meetings

These are the important functions which a company secretary performs. These functions are must be performed by all the companies irrespective of their size. Off late, the companies have found that the cost of keeping an in-house team of company secretaries is way high and was in search of a solution. The solution to this problem came in the form of outsourcing company secretarial services.

What is Outsourcing Company Secretarial Service?

The importance of a company secretary was known to the companies for a long time and because of this, every company had a separate company secretary. This way they were in constant contact with a company secretary. But lately, the management of the companies have understood that having an in-house company secretary would take a toll on the funds and the resources of the company. This is where the companies subscribed to the concept of outsourcing the services of a company secretary.

This would mean that the management would hire the services of a company secretary according to the requirement of the company from a third party which would be outside the control of the management. Using the services only when required will not only save a lot of the resources of the company but will also provide flexibility to the company to work on a need to know basis or as the work gets finished. By hiring this service only when we require them, we can significantly reduce our costs as the services would be utilized only on certain occasions. The saved funds and resources could be utilized for the development of the company.

 The only negative to this is that you have to share certain confidential data with the service outsourcing company. This data if gets into the wrong hands can wreak havoc on the company. Thus, it is recommended that you outsource the corporate secretarial services only to a known and reputed firm.

If you are looking for such a firm look no further as Business Setup Worldwide can provide you outsourced company secretarial services in Switzerland. BSW has a commitment to high-quality professionalism and constantly upgrades its knowledge according to the dynamic business environment. BSW also provides various other services which would help your company to achieve new heights such as tax services, Visa services, etc.To know more about the services that we provide please contact us, we would be happy to help.


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