Qatar National Vision 2030 Part 1

Qatar National Vision 2030 Part 1

Qatar National Vision is all about elevating the country economically, socially, and environmentally through futuristic developmental plans. The Qatar National Vision 2030 envisions an integrated roadmap for transforming the country’s future growth by creating a diversified economy, world-class infrastructure, and state-of-the-art facilities with effective systems. The National vision aims to reshape Qatar into a forward-thinking, progressive, advanced country by 2030, capable of sustaining on its own. The development strives to offer a high standard of living, excellent business opportunities, and stable governance for the current population and future generations to come.

The Qatar National Vision 2030 was launched in 2008 during the reign of His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, to serve as a plan of action for Qatar's future. The program builds a bridge between the present and the future envisaging a comprehensive development vision for the State of Qatar by embracing the Amiri decision No. 44 of 2008, meanwhile the plan also focuses on the significant avenues of growth which allows foreign direct investment into the country and focuses on performing development activities that improves the lives of people living in the country.

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Objectives of Qatar National Vision 2030

  • Modernize the nation with extensive infrastructural development
  • Achieving steady economic growth
  • Raise the prosperity of the country through supporting businesses
  • Accelerate the economic diversification by encouraging non-oil sector growth
  • Prepare the infrastructure for a futuristic Qatar
  • Perform the groundwork for handling advanced industries and research in the country
  • Develop sustainable development practices for securing the environment

Challenges of National Vision 2030

  • Modernization of the country’s culture with the preservation of traditions
  • Analyzing and fulfilling the needs of the current generation as well as the needs of future generations
  • Set targeted growth and maintain the uncontrolled expansion
  • Development in tracking the size and quality of targeted expatriate labour force in Qatar
  • Boosting economic growth through constant policy changes
  • Social development and environmental management
  • Balancing between the developmental needs and protecting the environment

Pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030

The National vision foresees the progress towards the goals through four interconnected pillars of development where they play an essential role in integrating the economy, social life, business, infrastructure, and environment. For more than 25 years, Qatar has been extracting oil & gas through massive projects in the country. The state has been the largest producer of natural gas in the world successfully developing the most commercially successful natural gas liquefaction centres in Ras Laffan and crude extraction in other parts through a private-public partnership.

In terms of profits, Qatar has reaped massive profits from selling LNG across the world while wisely investing the surplus profits gained from the increase in energy prices into the country's infrastructure, healthcare, education, and creating sustainable development plans to protect the environment. The strategic programs of the “National Vision” was designed after highlighting the achievements and lessons learned from the First National Development Strategy (NDS 1) and Second National Development Strategy (NDS 2) were examined and analysed to enhance the performance of the Visionary program starting with developing infrastructure and strengthening the economic outlook of the state.

The four pillars of the Qatari National Vision 2030

Economic Development

  • Promote economic growth at reasonable and sustained rates while maintaining a secure & stable financial system
  • Create an open, efficient and flexible economic structure that is capable of creating a stimulating business environment
  • A liberal business climate that encourages foreign investment, technological development, and research
  • Establish trade, investment and financial ties with significant economies of the world
  • Embracing a knowledge-based economy that is characterized by innovation, entrepreneurship, and academic excellence which is reinforced by world-class infrastructure, excellent connectivity, and extensive services
  • Development of a competitive and diversified economy capable of meeting the needs of, and securing a high standard of living for, all its people for the present and the future

Social Development

  • Development of a just and caring society based on high moral values, and standards. With the people capable of playing a significant role in the global partnership for sustainable development
  • Preserve Qatar's national heritage, history, and enhance Arab Islamic values and identity
  • Develop a spirit of tolerance, constructive dialogue, and openness towards other people at national and international levels
  • Establish a secure and stable society operating on the principles of justice, equality and the rule of law.

Human Development

  • Development of all its people to enable them to sustain a prosperous society
  • High quality education and training opportunities in Qatar that will appropriate to each's aspirations and abilities
  • Establish a holistic and modern healthcare infrastructure that offers high-quality medical services for the people and residents of Qatar
  • Develop a knowledge-based economy where tomorrow's innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, doctors, and professionals are nurtured through life-long programs
  • Fostering innovation, creativity in well-developed, independent and accountable educational institutions which are operating under centrally administered guidelines

Environmental Development

  • Management of the environment such that there is harmony between economic growth, social development, and environmental protection
  • Developing a comprehensive urban development plan for Qatar that adopts a sustainable policy concerning urban expansion and population distribution
  • Establishing effective and sophisticated environmental institutions in the country that will promote, build and strengthen public awareness about environmental protection, and inspire the use of environmentally sound technologies
  • An agile and comprehensive legal system that protects all the elements of the environment while responding rapidly to the challenges as they arise

Qatar’s Strategy will help the nation to realize the Vision by setting and prioritizing concrete development goals with time-bound targets. It will also articulate the necessary processes, stakeholder roles, and the expected performance standards which are needed to deliver on the Vision. Consequently, making Qatar an excellent destination for expansion of your business offering state-of-the-art infrastructure and stable economic growth. Contact us to know more information on how to start your business ventures in Qatar.

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