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RAK (Ras-Al Khaimah) Limited Liability Company

A UAE RAK/LLC/Limited Liability Company is authoritatively known as a Ras Al Khaimah Limited Liability Company working under the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Commercial Companies Law. Outsiders can just possess 49% of the offers yet at the same time have the option to control the organization and get up to 90% of the benefits.

The board duties can be vested in the foreign investors. Side arrangements can be executed between the minority partner and the majority partner (UAE Resident) to ensure the interests of the minority partner.

The RAK ICC Business Companies Regulations 2016 administers the development, exercises, and dissolution of limited liabilities Company in the RAK. An LLC can direct any sort of business exercises including proficient administrations.

Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) is situated an hour's drive away from Dubai and is one of the quickest developing UAE emirates. The RAK has a standing of being tax-exempt, straightforward, liberated from debasement, no administrative noise, and financially savvy to work together.

What is a RAK Limited Liability Company?

An LLC is governed by the Commercial Companies Law (CCL) and is like the "Private Limited Liability" or "Ltd" organization in the United Kingdom. An LLC is frequently the most appropriate technique for setting up a business in RAK by foreign investors.

Nonetheless, as will be referenced beneath, where the proposed business includes banking, protection, and venture exercises directed for the benefit of outsiders, an LLC isn't lawfully allowed to practice such exercises, and a PJSC should be set up.

The CCL characterizes an LLC as an organization "wherein the quantity of partner are no under two and close to 50 partners and the obligation of each partner will just be in proportionate to their contribution in the capital".

Advantages of RAK LLC

A UAE RAK Limited Liability Company (LLC) can have these kinds of advantages:

  • No Taxes: By doing the entirety of its business outside of the UAE, an LLC settles no duties.
  • Privacy: Shareholders' names are never essential for any freely available reports.
  • Limited Liability: An investor's responsibility is restricted to the full capital commitment.
  • Fast Registration: The LLC can be enlisted inside two workdays.
  • Two Shareholders: at least two shareholders are required
  • One Director: Only one director is required.
  • Low Minimum Share Capital: Only $1,000 USD is required.
  • English: While not an authority language, English is generally spoken. Everything reports can be set up in English.

Name of LLC

The name of LLC cannot be a name that another UAE company is already using. While naming your company, it is suggested that you check the registry to avoid any conflicts related to names in the future.

The suffix of an LLC in UAE must be "LLC." It is mandated by law for all companies in UAE and not just RAK.

Registration of LLC

Enrollment for a new LLC should be made with an application submitted to the Ras al-Khaimah Department of Economic Development. The application and all supporting archives can be in English.

Organizations must be incorporated by utilizing enlisted specialists. An LLC can be started in the RAK within two workdays.

To become enrolled, the candidate should demonstrate that the full capital was kept into a UAE bank. After endorsement by the Ras al-Khaimah Chamber of Commerce, the funds can be released.

Minimum Share Capital

The required minimum share capital for an LLC in RAK is $1,000 USD. The requirement of share capital that is issued and paid is only one. There is also the freedom to issue shares in any currency.


The RAK doesn't force any sort of tax assessments on LLCs. This implies no corporate tax, no income tax, no sales tax, no withholding tax, and no wealth tax. Just gas and oil exploration organizations and foreign bank branches are required to pay taxes. Also, there is no prerequisite to assess and file tax returns.

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