RAK (Ras-Al Khaimah) Limited Liability Company

RAK offshore company setup

Ras Al Khaimah is situated an hour's drive from Dubai, and it is considered one of the UAE's fast-growing emirates. The RAK has been known for its friendly, supportive business environment.

The most suitable legal structure followed for the RAK offshore company setup is LLC. So, if you are planning to proceed, you must learn about RAK LLC.

An Overview at RAK Limited Liability Company

A RAK LLC is authoritatively known as a Ras Al Khaimah Limited Liability Company. It works under the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Commercial Companies Law. While incorporating RAK limited liability company, outsiders can possess just 49% of the offers yet simultaneously have the option to control the organization and get up to 90% of the benefits. An LLC is frequently the most appropriate technique for setting up a business in RAK by foreign investors.

Benefits of Opting for RAK LLC

A UAE RAK Limited Liability Company (LLC) can have these advantages. So before being involved in any RAK offshore company setup process, be aware of the following advantages.

  • Exempted from Taxes
  • Fast Registration Process 
  • Minimum requirement of Two Shareholders
  • Required one director

Basic Things to Consider While Incorporating Ras Al Khaimah Limited Liability Company

When setting up Ras Al Khaimah Limited Liability Company, you must follow certain requirements.

During the offshore company formation in RAK, the name of LLC cannot be a name that another UAE company already uses. While naming your company, it is suggested that you check the registry to avoid future conflicts related to names.

After naming the LLC company, the next turn is to focus on the enrollment for a new LLC. The new LLC should be made with an application submitted to the Ras al-Khaimah Department of Economic Development. 

The application and all supporting archives can be in English. To enroll, the candidate should demonstrate that the full capital was kept in a UAE bank. After getting approval from the respective authority, the funds can be released.

Another mandatory requirement for setting up an LLC in RAK is the minimum share capital. In order to know the minimum requirement to be paid for proceeding with the Ras Al Khaimah limited liability company, you can get in touch with the business setup consultant from BSW. In addition to that, it should be noted that you can issue your shares in any currency.

While incorporating an LLC in RAK, there won't be any corporate tax, income tax, sales tax, withholding tax, or wealth tax. The only required places to pay taxes are the gas and oil exploration organizations. Also, there is no requirement to assess and file tax returns.

In addition to that, explore the limited liability company (LLC) formation in Dubai.

BSW's Role in Setting up a RAK LLC

When you are done choosing a proper jurisdiction, get in touch with Business Setup Worldwide to determine the best company type for the business activity you are aiming for. At BSW, the business advisors are committed to making your offshore company formation in RAK more quickly. However, if you are interested in RAK offshore company registration, then kindly reach out to us.


List out the seven emirates in the UAE.

The seven emirates in the UAE are
1. Dubai
2. Abu Dhabi
3. Sharjah
4. Ajman
5. Umm Al Quwain
6. Ras Al Khaimah
7. Fujairah

Can I form an offshore company in RAK?

Yes, you can form an offshore company in RAK.

How to set up a free zone company in RAK?

In order to set up a free zone company in RAK, follow the below basic steps
1. Choose a strategic location
2. Finalize a business structure
3. Find a suitable legal structure
4. Obtain the relevant trade license
5. Open a corporate bank account

List out a few offshore locations.

A few offshore locations are
1. Seychelles
2. The British Virgin Islands
3. Belize
4. RAK
5. St Vincent and Grenadines

What are the advantages of using the RAK business setup?

The advantages of using the RAK business setup are
1. 100% foreign ownership
2. Exempt from income and corporate tax
3. Simple and quick registration procedures
4. Transparent laws and quick regulations

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