Reasons to Outsource Company Secretarial Services in Georgia

Secretarial Services in Georgia

The other name of a company secretary is the corporate secretary. Don`t let the word ‘secretary’ diminish the importance of the designation. This job is everything but clerical in nature and scope. A company secretary provides support and guidance to the board of directors in terms of administration and legal compliance. Thus, a company secretary takes care of corporate governance. In some countries, it is required by law to appoint a company secretary but in others, it is not.

In Georgia, the appointment of a company secretary in organizations is not mandatory but it can be beneficial for the productive and effective working of the organization especially for the organizations whose operations run on a very large scale. In a country like Georgia, the land of opportunities, where you wouldn’t want to leave any stone unturned and try your hand at as many business opportunities as you can, it is advisable to have a company secretary who will take care of all the statutory and legal obligations that a business is supposed to meet. He/she will also be able to provide excellent advice to the board of directors about the investment opportunities that lie ahead. It is very well known that with the right support, opportunity knocks. So, if you want opportunities to knock at our door in Georgia, go for corporate secretarial services.

Why You Should Outsource Company Secretarial Services in Georgia?

Outsourcing is a very common practice of many businesses in almost all parts of the world. It helps an organization to enhance its value by focusing more on the core activities. The reasons why your company should outsource company/corporate secretarial services in Georgia are listed below.

  • No one can deny the benefits of lower operational costs, enhanced efficiency and competitive edge that come with outsourcing company secretarial services. The company secretaries impart their own expertise and knowledge for better functioning of your business.
  • Opting for a well-equipped third-party for the functions of a company secretary helps improve the pace of growth as focus on core competencies increases. The outsourced activities also become more streamlined thus, benefitting your business even further.
  • Other than handling routine documentation, a company secretary makes sure that the board of directors is well aware of the latest legislation, regulation and legal responsibilities that fall upon their shoulders. He/she makes sure that the directors work within the boundary of the law so that company resources are not wasted on addressing lawsuits.

Functions of a Company Secretary

The functions that a corporate secretary can perform are many to name. Here are some of the common roles that a company secretary performs.

  • Takes care of the company records and timely payment of dividends.
  • Acts as a liaison between the board of directors and the regulatory authorities. He/she acts as a legal representative.
  • Collates all the necessary information about the particular industry that your business is a part of and then provides legal, financial as well as strategic advice for better decision-making.
  • Carries out proactive research for the protection of the interests of all the shareholders and investors.
  • Advises on mergers, amalgamations, foreign collaborations, and other strategic alliances. Therefore, he/she must be thorough with the laws related to competition and anti-competitive practices.
  • Dealing with commercial disputes through negotiation or conciliation also comes under the umbrella of corporate secretarial services.
  • Makes sure that there are no inconsistencies between laws and regulations in the matters of corporate governance.

A business tends to accomplish more if it has the necessary mix of skills and support. At Business Setup Worldwide, our experts will provide you with the necessary support through our corporate secretarial services. If you decide to go for our services, we will make sure that there are no issues that are left unregulated. Our experts provide an excellent assessment that measures the gaps between local regulations and international standards in the area of corporate governance. The assessment also helps you analyse the quality and effectiveness of the current management of your business. Our corporate secretarial services will make sure that the legal framework of your business is coupled with the required enforcement mechanism. Our services will also illuminate the weaknesses that your company should tackle.

A company secretary needs to have a holistic perspective where each component has a place in the overall picture. If you have any query related to the scope of corporate secretarial services in Georgia or if you are interested to employ our services, you may contact us.