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Rethinking Cyber Security in the Healthcare Industry

A Chronicle of Cyber Security and Healthcare

Cyber security is the employment of software and efforts to help you protect your personal data from disruption, theft, exploitation or misleading from hackers and malicious sources. In present times, we see an advancement of technology, overtaking traditional methods and manual work. We are in the era of new digital wave wherein hard work is being replaced by “smart work”, a prime indicator of the perception of making things smart, smarter and so forth.

The complex systems are leading to complex problems which require constant updates and upgradation in terms of technology.

A Few Supporting Facts

  • Due to the increase in cyber-crimes, there is an increase in the demand for job openings and unfilled positions in cyber security, which has now increased by 350% in just 5 years.
  • IoT botnets are equipped with devices enabled through IP addresses with all IoT (Internet of Things) devices appearing on screen for some amount of money there is no security because a group of computers can be controlled by a malicious entity without the knowledge of their owners. Through specific commands and controls, they can be collectively controlled by a hacker for malicious purposes.
  • With ransomware, simply removing the virus is not enough; this malware encrypts data, and one is obstructed from being able to get the data back until the cybercriminal is paid a ransom.
  • The other side of AI: AI-powered biometrics can recognize and analyse not just physical and facial features, but specific human behaviours and emotions. However, these don’t result in complete prevention from cyber-attacks because there is also the possibility of capturing and replicating of the human facial expressions and micro expressions as well as voice modulation which intend is favourable for hackers to penetrate the systems.

This brings us to the most important part: healthcare is the number one source of cybercrimes in recent times. This sector has always been an ideal target of cybercriminals. The question is: what are they going to do about health-related information?

Consider this example:

In a modern hospital, a patient’s room will have an array of IoT devices. The patient’s bed is likely to be enabled and connected to the hospital’s network system through internet protocol. Medical instruments, machinery and equipment associated with that patient’s room are also likely to be enabled and connected through IP to a third-party network. The third party may also have an interface with the hospital health records. This system of connectivity increases the scope and avenues for various cyber-crimes and attacks. Medical records serve as the most easily accessible and available forms of personal information might be leverage for the cyber-criminal to get what they want from the patient.

This sector not only includes clinics and doctors’ offices, but currently we even have a vulnerability over internet-based consultancy for distant patients with the use of multi-cloud laaS and SaaS environments. This is causing disruption towards patients as well as platforms.

Ways to Circumvent Cybercrime

The surest way of preventing cyber-crime is a proactive one: practice assiduous cyber hygiene. Keeping up to speed with the best practices, healthcare needs to improve and conduct cyber awareness training programs to protect against social engineering attacks. This also includes keeping an inventory of all the devices, specifically Internet of Medical Things (loMT), in order to track them.

With the help of using advanced threat intelligence, we can identify tactics and techniques being used to exploit vulnerabilities and offer efficacious options for such things like prioritizing patching and accelerating remediation which can be used in time.

Currently, there is a shortage in cyber security talent in healthcare, and that is an opportunity for you to set up a business in Dubai because cyber security experts are in desperate need, as the demand is outpacing supply in cyber security, which will indeed help in incorporating a business and get the right people on board.

Updated on: 17 May 2021

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