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The Rising Economy of Oman

Have you ever thought of setting up your business in Oman?

Let me tell you that when a business investor plans about incorporating a company, the thought process has to be more comprehensive. The company setup process deals with money and business entity, but one has to be sure regarding the growth aspects of a nation where one is planning to set up.

Holding an overall knowledge about the same helps an investor get a clear idea about the pros and cons, and ultimately, it results in jot the basic moves.

Doing business in Oman is a perfect move to deep your pockets, and this treatise outlines the core essentials that you are required to know before you step in.

The Sultanate of Oman: An Overview

Popularly known as the Sultanate of Oman, the nation is one of the upcoming destinations highly preferred by business investors and owners.

With the capital of Muscat, the ground has grabbed a Doing Business Rank of 73 by the end of 2020. Since the last two decades, Oman has been focused on driving economic growth and has gained the position of a high-income economy.

The nation has taken essential steps to encourage a private sector company as it turns out to be more effective and competitive.

The initiative also creates favourable economic diversification and work towards the optimal exploitation of the natural resources available in the zone, giving a solid platform for the FDI to flow in.

Business Opportunities in Oman

If you hold an exciting business idea, then this is the perfect platform for you to step in and invest. Be it a new business model or expand your existing business, Oman is ideal for every mode.

A few of the profitable ideas that marks the top business opportunities in Oman include:

  • Technology-based companies
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Fisheries
  • Mining
  • Transportation and Logistics

Global business investors take a move across these businesses to set up their empire. Accordingly, the Omani government has also played a drastic role in providing a good business environment to the investors. Let’s have a look at the different initiatives taken by the government.

Omani Government Initiatives

Digitalization is one of the key parameters that the Omani government is planning to proceed ahead with by initiating the following moves:

  • G-Cloud
  • Invest Easy
  • National PKI
  • Information Security Division
  • National Data Centre
  • Unified Government Network
  • ePayment
  • Oman Business Forum (OBF)
  • Vision 2040

Apart from the above stated, there are a few strategic pillars that the Omani government focuses on, which includes:

  • Advancing the Digital Society
  • Smart Government  Services
  • Vibrant Digital and ICT Industry Ecosystem
  • Government Standard and Policies
  • Next Gen-Infrastructure
  • Digital Promotion and Awareness

What are the Benefits of Starting a Company in Oman?

A few of the key benefits that the business investors grab by proceeding with company registration in Oman involves:

  • A strategic geographical location
  • High availability of natural resources
  • A fast developing economy
  • Futuristic government
  • Great deals with other business counterparts
  • A significant step to enter the international market

To know more about the benefits, you can derive, look at our latest blog: Top 10 Benefits of Starting a Business in Oman.

The next question in the list is:

Oman Company Registration Process

To start a business in Oman, one has to go through the following steps:

1.Submit Application

The investors must fill the company registration application form stating all the essential details and submit the same to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

2.Decide the Business Structure

Any business holds a specific business type that is a must and can’t be avoided. The decision is to be explicitly made based on the availability of the number of shareholders and capital.

Have a look at the Corporate structures in Oman, which will help you select your business type accordingly.

3.Keep the Documents Ready

In the next move, they should submit the essential documents along with the submitted application. In general, the set includes:

  • Trade name choices
  • Copy of commercial record issuance
  • Copy of the commercial approvals
  • Industrial licenses
  • Copy of the business investors and shareholders
  • Blueprint of the business
  • Memorandum and articles of association
  • Address and identity proofs of the business shareholders and investors

4.Obtain the Approval

The complete set of documents are to be submitted to the government authorities for gaining the respective approvals

If the approvals are not issued, you need to understand the error, rectify and cross-check.

5.Pay the Respective Fees

 Make sure to pay the respective fee required for company incorporation at the desk.

6.Obtain the Certificate of Incorporation

 After the fee has been paid, the certificate of incorporation will be issued by the government authorities.

The steps mentioned above helps a business investor to run their business in Oman successfully. Obtaining the certificate is just the start, and the challenge is to go through the roadway appropriately.

Here’s a treatise on the 10 Things You Need to do After Your Company Has Setup in Oman.

Doing business in Oman is a good step that you can make to double your profits. Initiating the steps at the right time is the secret of success!

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